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  1. Alsbeth Xferring to Shatterbone??
  2. <Vindicators> LVL 11 guild recruiting.
  3. <Blood Sworn> is recruiting
  4. Group of friends Seeking casual/dedicated raiding guild.
  5. Guild merger options
  6. Allow myself to introduce... myself
  7. The Savage Nation - A "No Pressure" Guild is looking to expand.
  8. <Cryptic> 6/11HK is recruiting
  9. cTx is Recruiting
  10. Refugees Guild from Gnarlwood is looking to finish Raid Force
  11. Guards Need
  12. <Cryptic> looking for a few more for Hammerknell
  13. THE LAST PROPHECY [TLP] Seeking more semi-casual players to join us...
  14. <Nocturnal Requiem> is recruiting!
  15. <SWEET MEMORIES> Looking for more Raiders
  16. <The Grim Alliance> Needs You!!!!
  17. Looking For Raiding Guild
  18. Rebirth Looking for 20man Raiding Partner
  19. Chaos Reborn recruiting once again.
  20. <Aftermath> opens its doors
  21. The Soul Legacy
  22. <The Grim Alliance> <LvL 15>(GSB 5/5)(DH 4/4)(GP 3/4)
  23. Invictus is recruiting! (guardian/EST guild)
  24. <Steel Dawn>
  25. The Last Prophecy
  26. T3 geared cleric and T2 geared rogue/mage looking for raiding guild
  27. <The Grim Alliance> Allways Looking For New Members!
  28. The Savage Nation is looking for casual gamers!!!
  29. <The Olde Knights> Recruiting for Weekday Raids!
  30. Casual Guild(s)?
  31. Rebirth merger
  32. <Cryptic> LFM Talented Players for Hammerknell
  33. Rebirth is recruiting
  34. <Cryptic> LFM Talented Players for Hammerknell
  35. Looking for Guardian PVP guild.
  36. 2 well rounded players looking for a home
  37. <Ctrl Alt Elite> recruiting and accepting all!
  38. <Ascension> recruiting
  39. LF dps to raid
  40. War Ensemble raiding guild
  41. Husband and wife LF casual raiding guild
  42. <The Olde Knights> Recruiting Raid Ready/Near Ready Melee DPS/Heals
  43. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  44. Dominatio of Sepulchrum
  45. <The Olde Knights> Looking for more to join its ranks!
  46. <Triumvirate> End Game Progression Guild Recruiting
  47. Looking for a Guild
  48. Order of the Fallen Recruiting
  49. Army Of Light Recruiting Sexy Raiders!
  50. <One Among Many> looking for more!
  51. <Vindicators> Recruiting
  52. [G] <Teddy Bear Terrorist> is recruiting for 10man and beyond!
  53. <Prophecy> Looking for more
  54. Metal Militia
  55. Wayfarers of Myth looking for members!
  56. Group Looking for a merge into a guild
  57. Band of the Hawk, (PST) Raiding Guild Recruiting
  58. <Last Alliance of Telara> is Recruiting Guardians
  59. Looking for a Guild
  60. Keepers of the Faith is accepting new members
  61. Ethereal Order -- New to Shard
  62. <Ascended Origins Enclave> is recruiting.
  63. <Midlife Procrastinators> looking for more
  64. Chaos Reborn LF Raiders
  65. LF Guild
  66. <Avalon> is recruiting! -Guardian-
  67. Blood Dragon
  68. <Modo> Recruiting
  69. ~~ Sweet Memories ~~
  70. RE-rolling to Alsbeth!
  71. LF PST/MST Raid Guild
  72. <Triumvirate> Guild - Now Recruiting
  73. <Ascension>
  74. <The Grim Alliance> Allways Looking For New Members!
  75. <The Invictus> Recruiting Skilled Players
  76. Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting <Band of the Hawk> "Guardian"
  77. Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting <Band of the Hawk> "Guardian"
  78. Late Night Raiding Guild Recruiting <Band of the Hawk>
  79. <Seven Deadly Sins>
  80. <Conquest> lvl 3 guild for "Parents that pwn!
  81. <Malingon> is recruiting friendly, casual players!
  82. Join the grim alliance today!
  83. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  84. LF Raiding Guild
  85. Herald of the Silver Mistress
  86. <Triumvirate> Guild - Now Recruiting
  87. Metal Militia recruiting
  88. <The BrotherHood> Auzzie guild, recruiting!
  89. <Reign in Power>
  90. Looking for Guild
  91. Embraced is recruiting for endgame and general rowdiness.
  92. <Vindicated Souls>
  93. Looking for Guild
  94. <Karma> recruiting.
  95. <Boundless Souls>
  96. <Planar Lure>
  97. <obscure reference>
  98. Lambs to the Slaughter!
  99. Imperial Order
  100. <Oz> recruiting Now
  101. Looking for a Guild
  102. <Pantheon> is recruiting NOW!