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  1. Rent an Apocalypse (Late Night Guild)
  2. Any Good Guardian Guilds Recruiting?
  3. 13th Guard
  4. Another Day in Telara
  5. New Post-1.4 PvP Guild for Guardian Harrow
  6. Looking for a late night guild
  7. Looking for an appropriate guild.
  8. Telara's Will - Guardian RP PvE/PvP
  9. Slayers
  10. Apocolype Rising guild recruiting! (We use Ventrilo!)
  11. <Vigil Aeternus> is recruiting!
  12. Purge is recruiting
  13. <Omen> wants you!
  14. <Mizu Tong> is recruiting more fun players
  15. <SIN> is recruiting fresh, fun, friendly players!
  16. Divinity - RP-PvP/Raiding, GLBT
  17. <Sacramentum> is recruiting!
  18. Ascended is core-casual recruiting mature players
  19. No Guardians Allowed
  20. The Dwarven Militia is recruiting.
  21. <Testament> Raiding Guild
  22. <Valor> is seeking signatures
  23. Martini Knights
  24. Mizu Tong ta no hito o sagashte iru! Mizu Tong is searching for others!
  25. Malevolent Wrath
  26. < Iron Guard > RP-PvP
  27. Vigil Aeternus (RP)
  28. Divinatus Statum (now recruiting)
  29. Telara's Will - RP pvp/pve
  30. <Slayers> PvP guild
  31. Skilled Mage/Warrior seeking equally skilled raiding/PvP guild
  32. < Omen > looking to fill a few spaces!
  33. Looking for good active guild.
  34. History's finest recruiting players and officers.
  35. 3 looking for a good PVP guild
  36. RP/PvP guild <The Nemesis Echelon>
  37. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  38. <Rift Hunters>
  39. <Ascension> New Member Recruitment
  40. i.Rift-Harrow.com - Guild Progression Tracking
  41. <Hearth Guard> is currently recruiting!
  42. <Heaven Sent Hell Bound>
  43. LF experienced players leveling/raiding guild
  44. Looking to join a large size guild for leveling and endgame.
  45. Black Steel Legion Recruitment
  46. Pve nerd LF home
  47. <Third Guardians Divsion> - Social PvP/PvE Guild
  48. <KOTD> searching for some new blood
  49. Guardian PvE raid guilds?
  50. The Order of the Lion
  51. Plane Wars I - Hosted by <The Censored>
  52. The Dwarven Militia
  53. <Paradox> casual adult rp guild
  54. <Unforgiven> Resurrected from Albion Nimue
  55. <Bone Thugs N Harmony>
  56. Wanted: Sea Dogs aboard the <Scurvy Pirates>
  57. <Helios> Casual Community Guild
  58. <Flaming Gaze> Super Cereal Guild
  59. Faaip De Oaid is active and recruiting!
  60. The Phantom Regiment.
  61. Testament
  62. <Ravens of the Vigiil> is looking to add ex DAOC rp server vets espcially Hib Perc
  63. Request for Guild posts
  64. <Silken Blades> a New Beginning
  65. <Shadows and Dust>
  66. The Dwarven Militia
  67. Black Steel Legion recruiting...
  68. Knights of Good Recruiting
  69. <Obsidian Order> - adult raiding and pvp guild
  70. Cult of The Redemption - Bilingual