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  1. <Meemo> Looking For world PvP Players!
  2. Rogue/Cleric Looking for Guild
  3. *<Dream>R13 resurrection!* to be World-PvP orientated Guild!
  4. rank 8 Warrior(guardian) LF 4 PVP Guild.
  5. The Granite Guard looking for more! (PVP)
  6. LF Guild to do 10man's and Mastermodes
  7. <Drop Bears> The Oceanic PVP guild on the Oceanic PVP server
  8. Mage Looking for Raiding Guild
  9. Xzyme lfg
  10. LFGuilld
  11. <TOG> The Older Gamers are recruiting casual adult players
  12. Looking for a home
  13. <Apostle> [Dayblind Guardian +8GMT Lvl 16 5/5 GSB 4/4 RoS] Is Now Recruiting for HK!
  14. [Dayblind Guardian +8GMT] <Apostle> (Lvl 16 5/5 GSB 4/4 RoS) Is Now Recruiting for HK
  15. <Australia> recruiting!
  16. Excellent dps Warrior, Rogue Possible Transfer
  17. 50 Rogue just transferred. looking for a PVP guild
  18. New "Divine Legacy"
  19. <CoLD> Guardian PvP Guild, Dayblind - Seeking Active Fighters!
  20. Threshold on Deepstrike recruiting you
  21. **REDEMPTION** Bringing Fun back to the game. PVP & PVE PST Guild. 18+ only please.
  22. Convict Nation - Oceanic Guild - Recruiting Core 10 man
  23. <HKDS> - Oceanic based recruiting for Hammerknell and PvP
  24. <Catalyst> Recruiting for PVE and PVP
  25. < I III III VII > Late Night Oceanic/Asia guild is recruiting!
  26. <Learn To Play> is recruiting! *Freeholme guild*
  27. <CoLD> is seeking exceptional PvP Clerics and Mages!
  28. Aurora Australis - Oceanic Guild Recruiting
  29. Re: T3 Geared Looking for Guild
  30. T3/T2/Relic Geared people looking for Guild! (HKF ready or GSB/ROS 14/14)
  31. <Virtuality> (Guardians) from Wolfsbane now recruiting
  32. The Older Gamers <TOG> is recruiting
  33. <Australia> Oceanic PvEvP Guild looking for more!
  34. <Dream> Oceanic based - Raiding 10AM SUN (GMT+10) details TBA
  35. <CoLD> is looking for PVPr's!
  36. Looking for a home
  37. <Ground Zero> looking for members
  38. < I III III VII > Late Night Oceanic/Asia guild is recruiting!
  39. WAR - Tank/DPS LFG
  40. Guild raidstart at 9 am servertime?
  41. <Grand Marshal's> Now recruiting (PvP Focused)
  42. rogue looking for a raiding guild
  43. <Moonless Knights> a player focused guild experience.
  44. XI Inches Unbuffed Recruiting
  45. < Council > PvE/PvP Guild Recruiting
  46. <Pain> Raiding 6-9 PST Recruiting
  47. Cleric looking for raiding guild!
  48. Maximation #1 Guardian Guild Recruiting!
  49. How do I get into raids
  50. <Ascendance> is now recruiting!
  51. <Insertion> Oceanic PVE Guild LF Mature Raiders
  52. Briarcliff <Dream> to Dayblind <Dream> - Welcoming new players
  53. < Council > Looking to Make a Guild Alliance
  54. "Silver Hand" (ToSH) is looking for a few new friends!
  55. 50 Warrior T2 Geared Tank - Looking For 3 to 4 Days Raiding Guild (Guardian)
  56. <Goes Down Easy>
  57. We Are Legend- Recruitment Open Until Monday
  58. <Apostle> Asia Guild is recruiting more Players to be Raiders/PvP Premades
  59. <Conviction> Has moved to Dayblind - always looking for solid people
  60. <Vantage> - A unique endgame raiding experience.
  61. Top Hat Gentlemen (Guardian) : 9/9, 4/4 - LFM Hammerknell
  62. <The Nights Watch> Dayblind Guardian Side In Need of New Recruits - Winter is Coming.
  63. T2 tank/dps/heals looking for hard/semi/core raiding guild with some pvp action!
  64. <Never Die>
  65. <The Conclave>
  66. Overrated
  67. The Conclave
  68. MAGEYADIE@Deepstrike
  69. Expression of Interest: <Australia>
  70. Dark Lords of the Sith
  71. Why So Defiant. Warfront PvP.
  72. [Fourth Reich] New Guild Seeking new player. LvL 20-30
  73. Server Time / Peak Times
  74. LF Guardian PVP guild on Dayblind
  75. 3 Aussies looking for a home!
  76. Any guild active during +8 gmt time zone?
  77. Top Hat Gentlemen
  78. Sanctuary is once again recruiting!
  79. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  80. <Praetorian Guards> Is Looking for More.
  81. <The Nights Watch> Calling for aid to help defend the realm of man!
  82. A trio of players
  83. The Pantheon is recruiting!
  84. <Path of Light> Casual and Dedicated
  85. Pulchritudinous looking for delicious people (or not).
  86. For the entire WF this guy is afk running in place?
  87. Hello Kitty Death Squad Recruiting
  88. Blood Brothers recruiting
  89. (GMT +8) South East Asia - Art of War guild recruiting *Calling for SEA players*
  90. <black people cant rollerskate>
  91. Master Race - Recruiting
  92. <Disfigured> is recruiting!
  93. <Disfigured> Recruiting PvPers.
  94. Any PVP guilds LF skilled players?
  95. Solo Mid Recruiting (North American Players)
  96. Guilds leaving out important information
  97. <Champion of the Guardians> Recruitment Thread
  98. <Sacred Coven> is recruiting Guardians on Dayblind!
  99. Crusaders Seeking New Members
  100. ANZAC Guardians
  101. Unadorned LF people to hang around with
  102. Laid back guild interest check...
  103. (Legends) Late Night Raiding Guild
  104. 16 Mage (Necromancer) looking for Guardian Guild (GMT +8)
  105. Dark Legend recruiting. Looking for a home?
  106. Warlords of Khaos now recruiting - AEST (GMT+10) - Oceanic Based Guild
  107. Sanctuary
  108. Australia - an Oceanic Guild
  109. Casually Hardcore [G]
  110. Brutality Recruiting