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  1. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  2. im new, i wana play in this shard, but i cant find it in list, whats happened?
  3. Myth - Small Experienced Guild - Seeks Casual Players to Explore With.
  4. 50 healing cleric looking to transfer
  5. <Tortured Souls> needs a few raiders
  6. <Obsidian Fear> recruiting for casual raiding
  7. DPS Rouge Looking for Oceanic Guild!
  8. Gamers Armory is looking for new members at all skill levels.
  9. <Tortured Souls> recruiting
  10. <Trollbane> is recruiting weekend raiders.
  11. <Tortured Souls> Recruiting
  12. <Phoenix Rising> is looking for mature people
  13. Crimson Lance
  14. <Forsaken Souls> recruiting casual progression
  15. <Weapons of Mass Defecation> Oceanic Time (GMT +8hrs) Recruiting
  16. Ready to Progress? <In Defiance We Stand> LF members
  17. Looking for more...
  18. <Bacon>
  19. LF Oceanic Guild
  20. Vigil's Bane
  21. <Tortured Souls> now recruiting
  22. Talisman - Recruiting Raiders
  23. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  24. <Tortured Souls> recruiting levels 45+
  25. <Days of Yore> We Don't Rush is Recruiting!
  26. <No Worries> - Defiant - Oceanic Casual Guild
  27. Looking for Oceanic guild
  28. Warheads on Foreheads
  29. Sylla Legion
  30. <In Nemhain Maethyr>
  31. <Tortured Souls> Open Recruitment available
  32. United Defiants Alliance
  33. <Moderately Awesome> is recruiting!
  34. <Bizarro> Oceanic PVE guild recruiting
  35. <Prodigy> Defiant(Oceanic Guild)
  36. Chill is recruiting
  37. Outer Heave
  38. <Tortured Souls> Limited Recruitment available
  39. <Horrible People>
  40. Riftblade/Reaver/Beast Master LFG
  41. DSS Is Recruiting
  42. <BIG AZZ CRITTIES> PvP/PvE casual guild <EST>
  43. <Rift Craft> Join if you love crafting
  44. Looking For Guild
  45. <In Defiance We Stand>
  46. Mischief Managed - Adult Casual Guild
  47. <Vanguard> is Recruiting