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  1. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  2. East Coast Server people ?
  3. Looking for an Active friendly Server
  4. Recruiting for 10 man raiding...
  5. Old enough to remember Pen & Paper RPGs? <Regulos Tear> ...
  6. Lowly Rogue looking for a Guild
  7. New to server Looking for a good home
  8. <Execute> is looking, maybe for you!
  9. <Maleficium> Is recruiting.
  10. Re-rolling Couple looking for a home!
  11. <Pockets Full Of Technology>
  12. <sovereign> is recruiting!
  13. Atrum Dominatio a greybriar guild is now recruiting
  14. <Bad Intentions> Is Looking for Mature Players that have the same goals as us
  15. RiftWalkers
  16. LF casual PvE guild
  17. Trinity is recruiting!
  18. fffffffff wrong forum
  19. < Money Shot > is Recruiting - Defiant
  20. <Les Spectres du Lys> est la recherche de francophones sur Aedraxis (Guild Quebec)
  21. Stillmoor Planarite Cartel Open Recruitment
  22. LF a guild doing experts
  23. Insomnia is Recruiting Hardcore Raiders
  24. TheAncients is a casual mature laid back guild
  25. Are any guilds raiding yet?
  26. The Priory is looking for YOU!!!
  27. PvP'ers wanted! As well as PvE'ers for Maleficium
  28. Another "older members" post
  29. <Bad Intentions>Is recruiting mature players
  30. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  31. Infamous Large Casual Raiding Guild Recruiting.
  32. <Para Bellum> is recruiting all classes (East Coast)
  33. looking for a good guild with lots of members
  34. Where are all the adult guilds?
  35. Escaping Azeroth - adults 25+
  36. Aussie Guilds ?
  37. <Irreverent> (18+ PvE guild) is Recruiting!!!
  38. <Business Casual> seeks qualified applicants!
  39. Looking for a Mature Defiant Guild
  40. Any late night guilds out there
  41. Any guilds that are active off hours?
  42. JustUs League Recruiting (Weekly Raiding 8-11 EST, PVP groups, and other events)
  43. Sanatorium - Your Sane Guild Choice
  44. Hammer Damage is recruiting
  45. Looking for an over 30 guild or interest in forming one
  46. Looking for ---Hardcore--- Guild
  47. Something Awesome is...
  48. The Abomination is recruiting! (18+ mature, fun PvE)
  49. Looking for pve guild