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  1. <Mead Garden> Recruiting
  2. The Legionnaires recruiting!
  3. Misery Inc.
  4. Advice needed
  5. (New) <Dark Paradigm> Progression Guild with a strong Casual Base
  6. Mercenary is Recruiting
  7. HK mage looking to transfer
  8. Pair looking for a guild.. Any guild...
  9. Rift Raiders is Recruiting!
  10. Partners looking for Med/Heavy RP guild.
  11. (old) <Dark Paradigm> Defiant Raiding with a friendly twist.
  12. Magically Delicious is looking for more friends to joing guild
  13. Crowd Control Oriented Mage Looking For a Group
  14. <Insomnia> is looking for active raiders
  15. Healer / DPS looking for Raid Guild
  16. Deviant Souls
  17. Unguilded Raiders
  18. <heroes of the lance>
  19. Looking for guild-warrior
  20. Mage looking for guild
  21. Vengance Is Recruiting
  22. Two veteran MMO players fairly new to RIFT looking for a guild
  23. Defiant ~ Estrael Raiding Alliance
  24. Test Of Time is Recruiting!
  25. Looking for a new home
  26. New to Rift/RP, LF guild
  27. A pair of Defiants looking for a home!
  28. Watchers of the Skies recruiting cool people! :) Casual PVE guild, RP-friendly!
  29. Two of us looking for a guild....
  30. "United" Recruiting all Callings
  31. Order of the Forge wants you
  32. I am looking for a friendly RP guild.
  33. Vengance Is Recruiting
  34. Small Guild looking for friends
  35. Klaatu Barada Nictu looking for more boomstick
  36. Join us, the Watchers of the Skies -- Casual, friendly, social guild. All ages & lvls
  37. Dark Paradigm is recruiting for a very short time!
  38. Any guilds with a high crafting buff recruiting?
  39. Looking for new guild...
  40. Veteran gamer looking for a home!
  41. 5 mature friends looking for Raiding Guild on new Shard (PST)
  42. Lords of Czar is looking for mature adult recruits!
  43. <Play Nice> Is once again Recruiting!
  44. Looking for guild
  45. Four looking for guild to transfer into
  46. newly xferred rogue looking for guild
  47. Old Goats !
  48. Any Eastern or Central Timezone based Semi-Casual/Raiding Guilds Looking for More?
  49. Defiant - <Ordo Magi> Recruiting: Medium-Heavy RP
  50. <We Die A Lot> a casual guild on Estrael is now actively recruiting
  51. Divinus Defiant is Recruiting All Levels
  52. <Caress of Steel> Seeks Pioneers for Officer Positions
  53. The Hand of Defiance- Now Recruiting the Exceptionally Psycho
  54. Team of two looking for the right guild
  55. <Shadowfire> is recruiting - casual friendly, light roleplay guild
  56. Blood Storm Legionnaires
  57. Eternal Legacy
  58. Knights at the Buffet Table Is Now Recruiting! Plenty of Room at the Inn!
  59. Order of the Forge
  60. <Caress of Steel> looking for signatures
  61. Guardian - Rift Sealers - Recruitment
  62. <Mercurial> recruiting - casual guild, LGBT and couple/partner/family friendly!
  63. <warfront> open enrollment
  64. <Play Nice>
  65. Rogue LFG!
  66. Any guild listings out there?
  67. The Drake Pack
  68. The Academy of Origins
  69. <Shogun> Want YOU. yes you!
  70. Warfront PVP GUILD
  71. <Disciples of Defiance> Newbies Welcome (and encouraged)
  72. <The Drake Pack> Heavy-RP Guild
  73. Aeternus Nox - 40+ Guild LFM for Raiding
  74. Bahmi tribe/guild
  75. THE HAND OF DEFIANCE!!! Amazing guild. Six out of 5 stars. Welcome to all!
  76. Looking for a raiding guild with a calender.
  77. 3-Member Family Looking for Light to Medium RP Guild
  78. Looking for a casual, roleplay friendly guild? Shadowfire is recruiting.
  79. A hastily-scrawled letter... (Cult of the Undying recruitment)
  80. Eternal Legacy <Recruiting>
  81. <Emergence> A New Guild Seeking Members
  82. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  83. <The Hand of Defiance> All are welcome!
  84. Eternal Legacy - Defiant Guild
  85. Cirque de l'Ascension is in search of talent!
  86. <PHOENIX> Is Recruiting All Classes
  87. Leveling PvE Guild
  88. Primeval Round Two! Knockout due to no option to edit!
  89. Brothers in Solace - Medium RP Brrecruiting quality folks
  90. "A Quarter Below Average" looking for members
  91. Silver Jaguar Tribe
  92. Looking for warfronters
  93. <Envoys of the Elements>'s reign of terror begins! Maybe.
  94. Best Defiant Guild Name? (Post your opinion)
  95. <RiftRunners> is currently looking for new members
  96. <Primeval> Recruiting 40+
  97. Economies, Auction Houses, and (Ugh) Un-User Friendly UIs
  98. Looking to start a new guild on Estrael, <Immersion>
  99. BSMC is Recruiting
  100. Seeking "Medium RP" guild
  101. A group of friends looking for guild!
  102. <House DeVin> has opened the doors!
  103. Black Sun Mercenary Company
  104. Charter up for Never to Submit !
  105. <Asimov> Core Raiding Guild
  106. Free Agents
  107. Defiant - <Ordo Magi> Recruiting: Medium-Heavy RP
  108. It's <Adventure Time>!!
  109. [Blood Coven] A Casual All Kelari Female Guild now looking for new members.
  110. <Up There> Casual/Family guild looking to grow
  111. Solfernum Necessarium, Casual PvE searching for laid-back members
  112. Twilight Guardians: Casual, friendly, mature ER refugees recruiting.
  113. Looking for a guild!
  114. We Die A Lot.
  115. Magically Delicious looking for more friends to join guild
  116. The Landstanders
  117. Pure pvp guild?
  118. Primeval is recruiting!
  119. Sedition (RP)
  120. Champions of Battle
  121. Sabbat - Looking for Late Nighters!
  122. Paradox Prophecies Recruitment Update
  123. Defiant to the End
  124. The Desert Rose Syndicate
  125. Seeking relaxed, civil folk for a new Defiant guild - Unfettered
  126. Strong World - Hybrid Casual
  127. Paradox - A semi-casual raiding guild.
  128. <Oppression> is Recruiting.
  129. Order of the Forge
  130. Experienced players wanted.
  131. Rima Venatoris: Fun, Friendly with Raiding and RP
  132. ||Paradox Prophecies|| Progression Raiding || Recruiting
  133. Oppress The Free Is recruiting
  134. <Silent Epidemic> Faeblight-Defiant. 100% Vent Free Guild.