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  1. ERIS GREYBRIAR DEFIANTS New and Helpful Needs Recruits
  2. Nephilim Recruitment
  3. <UnknowN> Oceaninc/Asian lvl 16 10/11 HK (P4 Akylios) Guild Recruiting on Dayblind
  4. Looking for a guild
  5. <Rift Watch> Recruiting people who are looking to start T1 Raiding.
  6. <Hellions> Recruiting
  7. <Saga> Recruiting Late Night Raiding 4/11 HK
  8. Defiants of the South Open Enrollment
  9. <Dark Aggression> has left
  10. Pretentious: Looking for Recruits!
  11. warrior hk bottom floor tank / akylios rdy dps
  12. Looking to start guild
  13. HK Ready Mage LF Guild
  14. <Bad Intentions>Looking for newer raiders or casual raiders for farming group
  15. Untouchables recruiting raiders
  16. <Luclin> Looking for raiders
  17. HK ready cleric LF guild
  18. Tragically Malicious
  19. [Sedition] Is Now Recruiting All Levels and Classes! (Also Looking For Raid Members)
  20. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  21. <The Tortured> is recruiting and/or collaborating for 20 man raids
  22. Nephilim is currently looking for casual and raid ready members
  23. New! Heroes of the Lance!
  24. Now recruiting-a specific progression level
  25. looking for casual/raiding
  26. <Consilium Antiquus> is looking for all level and classes.
  27. <Hex> - Alsbeth (Defiant)
  28. <Psychosis> Recruiting casual raiders
  29. <The Tortured> casual raid guild recruiting
  30. <Sedition> Is now Recruiting all levels and classes! Also looking for Raid Members.
  31. Possible inbound transfers looking for some raiding
  32. <Bad-Intentions> Is recruiting casual raiders
  33. cleric healer LF eastern raiding guild atleast 1/10 hk
  34. Corvus Ruina PvP
  35. Nephilim is currently looking for a few GSB ready raiders!
  36. Looking for late night raiding guild to join
  37. <The Tortured> seeking casual raiders
  38. t2 Geared warrior looking for a guild.
  39. Looking for casual PvE guild
  40. Samsara lvl 13 defiant guild is recruiting.
  41. And guilds raid from 5pm-8pm?
  42. <E N V I E D> 10m-only guild
  43. <Sedition> seeking new members (casual raiding)
  44. <Fearless> Leveling Guild Recruiting
  45. <Voodoo> Looking for members who want to raid!
  46. 50 rogue 43 cleric alt LF good guild
  47. Insomniac Raiders.. EST
  48. Rift raff is accepting new players
  49. <Hex>Alsbeth-Defiant
  50. Luclin {Defiant} is recruiting casual raiders
  51. Friends looking for Guild
  52. <Psychosis> Recruiting
  53. <The Tortured> recruiting casual raiders
  54. <Waelwulfas>: A "Mid-Core" Gaming Community
  55. Quantum Force is now recruiting
  56. Looking for casual core PvE guild
  57. Tank looking for late night raiding guild
  58. <The Tortured> recruiting for raiding
  59. Searching for a guild -T2 rdy Tank
  60. DPS Warrior LF Endgame Raiding Guild
  61. I want a guild that gives me stuff! (Sarcasm required)
  62. <Chaotic Order> Looking to join up with a larger guild
  63. Waelwulfas is looking for Officers!
  64. Shadow Gaming Raiding Coailtion
  65. Nephilim Seeks Geared Rogue Tank
  66. Untouchables.....
  67. <Execute> is recruiting raiders!
  68. <Bad Intentions> A casual raiding guild would like to say hi
  69. <The Tortured> recruiting all classes for end game
  70. <Subliminal Rift> Is a quickly growing guild. Forum, vent, bank, etc. [RECRUITING]
  71. <Genesis> Recruiting
  72. 50 Rogue Looking for a home
  73. <The Tortured> Is now recruiting EST and CST players of all levels.
  74. DPS Mage looking for raid guild
  75. <Vanquish> Recruiting
  76. <Ruin> now welcoming raiders and casual players!
  77. Looking for a Good Guild
  78. Question Regarding Late Night Alsbeth Activity
  79. Eth n All Spirits recruiting
  80. Dark Aggression Alsbeth raiding guild looking for DPS
  81. <Black Aria> Casual, Leveling Guild
  82. <Nephilim> Raiding Guild (And More!) Is Now Recruiting!!!!!!
  83. Liberty
  84. looking for a raid and dung guild
  85. <Noctuary> Recruiting - Social/Leveling Guild
  86. Looking for a raiding guild
  87. Looking for a Casual EST Guild
  88. Knight Raiders(late night raiding guild) is Recruiting
  89. Looking for a casual guild
  90. Looking for Casual Raiding Guild
  91. (UNTOUCHABLES) currently recruiting
  92. Imperial Consortium is now recruiting
  93. Alpha Legion
  94. Trinity is recruiting!
  95. Corvus Ruina is recruiting DPS classes
  96. Husband and Wife Casual PvPers LF WF centric Guild
  97. <Bottoms Up> Australian Defiant Guild
  98. Luclin (Defiant) Guild Is Recruiting
  99. Black Aria EST guild
  100. Looking for EST players (Defiant)
  101. Close-knit Guild Recruiting
  102. MilitaryGamers.com - Active duty/guard/reserve gaming community, now Defiant!
  103. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  104. Dysfunctional now Recruiting!
  105. <Dark Aggression>
  106. <Reckless> Aus guild
  107. <Epic War Kittens> is recuriting new members!
  108. <Awkward Moment> late night raiding!
  109. Shameless
  110. <Schism>
  111. Seventh Dragonslayer Brigade
  112. The Crusaders of Stuff
  113. <Robot Party Time> - One of the many fresh new casual guilds on our shard
  114. Consilium Antiquus seeks guild mates
  115. <Unicorn Brigade> is looking for friendly, fun, casual players
  116. <Spaceballs The Guild>
  117. <Nephilim>
  118. Looking for Defiant Guilds Recruiting on Alsbeth - PvE US Server
  119. Boondock Saints
  120. <Hex> Recruiting levels 20+
  121. <Hammer Diplomacy>
  122. Eternal Question is reqruiting
  123. <Suspiria> Defiant alpha test guild with world firsts seeks highly skilled Adults
  124. Corvus Ruina
  125. The 1st Mechanized Infantry wants YOU!
  126. Any guilds recruting?