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  1. <Illuminati Sancti> is recruiting
  2. Syndicate 2/10 HK Looking for more HK ready people to join our raids.
  3. <Squab Squad> Recruiting for main raiding spots 5/5 RoS 5/5 GSB (Active PvP)
  4. ORDEROFTHEMAGE Recruiting
  5. <Nex>Raid Off Tank/Rogue
  6. <Reckless> Now recruiting PvPers!
  7. SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) recruiting
  8. <The Corporation> 1/10 Hk is looking for more raiders!
  9. <Benevolence> Recruiting new members for a new guild...
  10. - The Illuminatii - Accepting Applicants to fill Raid Vacancy
  11. Malum Factum is Recruiting Raiders! (4/11 HK)
  12. <Banished> recruiting!
  13. Titan is currently recruiting raiders
  14. <Ten Inches Unbuffed> is recruiting!
  15. <Magnificis Nomen Latine> is recruiting all levels
  16. <House of Voodoo> is now Recruiting
  17. <Devolved> is recruiting
  18. <Vision> is recruting
  19. <Drunken Lords>
  20. [Defiant] Looking for a guild
  21. <Inquisition> 9/9 - with Murdantrix down is now recruiting!
  22. <The Meridian Wardens> Preparing for raids
  23. <Desecration> Casual/Leveling Guild : Always Recruiting
  24. Deldrin - sabdancer rogue
  25. Raiders Needed
  26. Touch - Healing/DPS Cleric
  27. <Volatile> 9/9 Raiding Su/M/W 7-10pm PST
  28. EmpiresUnited Recruiting
  29. <Fatality> Raid Guild is Recruiting
  30. <Mean Green> looking for PVP members
  31. Looking for a new start/guild
  32. LF Guild
  33. [D] Dominance [9/9] is recruiting!
  34. <SAUCE BOSS> Calling all PvP'rs
  35. Genocide looking for raid ready clerics.
  36. The Official Compendium: Leveling Defiant Guilds
  37. The Official Compendium: PvE Defiant Guilds
  38. The Official Compendium: PvP Defiant Guilds
  39. <Apathy> Lf exceptional raiders to fill core spots
  40. lookin at a few servers for a good pvp guild
  41. <Princess> PvP LFM
  42. The Vatican is LFM!
  43. Draconians
  44. ~BLOODSTREAM~ Looking for members!
  45. Genocide - Faemist -Defiant: Looking to progress!
  46. Genocide - Faemist - Defiants: Looking for members
  47. <Censored> is recruiting, come join other like minded noobies!
  48. Titan is now recruiting
  49. Cleric looking for guild
  50. <A Casual Encounter> Is Recruiting
  51. 3-5 Raiders with 5/5 GSB 2/4 RoS Exp looking to Reroll
  52. Are there any females only guild here on RIFT?
  53. <Apathy> Defiant is Recruiting
  54. <D> Dominance is recruiting!
  55. <Citizen>, the official Telara people guild.
  56. Mtn Time Zone Player looking for Defiant home (rogue+mage)
  57. 3 tight friends new to game looking for Solid guild
  58. DOOM now recruiting for PvP and Raiding!!!
  59. Any Euro time zone guilds?
  60. Onineko
  61. <Damage Networks> Currently in need of you!
  62. <Control>
  63. Danger Zone
  64. [D] <Apathy> Looking to Roundout Raiding Roster
  65. LF Guild of Non-Baddies to PvP w/
  66. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  67. [D] Dominance is recruiting!
  68. <Essence of Nexus> recruiting mature peeps for PvE and PvP fun
  69. <Masquerade>, a mature community of players, recruiting!
  70. [D] <Vision> is now recruiting for endgame!
  71. [Order of Thrones] PVE Raiding guild looking for good players
  72. <Impale> Wants You!
  73. Bloodshot PVP/PVE
  74. East Coast Player Looking for a Home.
  75. <The Voltz> PvP Leveling guild is recruiting!
  76. Project Mayhem is recruiting
  77. Devil Wears Prada
  78. Needs Supervision now recruiting
  79. The Goon Squad
  80. Wu-Tang Clan, Hardcore PvP
  81. <Nostalgia> is now recruiting!
  82. < Revenant > is recruiting. Skilled players, casual atmosphere.
  83. Retribution - Recruiting
  84. Dark Order of Caine, Hardcore PvP, Casual Raiding, EST Timezone
  85. [D] <Meridian Vice> US PvP Guild
  86. <Apathy> LF exceptional players for PvE content/PvP Few core spots left
  87. <Vision> is now recruiting! (PvE/PvP/no RP)
  88. < Nocturnal Affairs >PvE/PvP Guild
  89. Tomfoolery - Raiding/PvP
  90. {Guardians of Asgard} (DEFIANT) PVP/RAID Guild
  91. Since No Ones Stepping Up... I Bring You OBNOXIOUS