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  1. Lost and Found - Brazilian Guild Recruit
  2. <Impiety> is recruiting (raid-ready or close players)
  3. <Knights of Septoria> Recruitment info
  4. <Brethrens Of Telara> Recruiting
  5. <Persona> Recruiting Info
  6. Any East Coast raiding guild
  7. Far Cry Risen recruiting
  8. <Order of the Risen> - A New Type of Guild
  9. <Legion> is recruiting!
  10. <Shadow> Looking for Recruits and Refugees!
  11. <Nevermore> Recruitment 50 Raid ready
  12. <Static> Recruitment info
  13. -Bloodstorm Syndicate- The cosmic reavers call.
  14. <Wizards> Recruiting Info
  15. Need a pvp oriented guild
  16. Toxic New Family Run Guild
  17. Looking for pvp guild to willing to help a noob out.
  18. The Hate Brigade
  19. <Hydroponic Heresey> Recruitment Thread
  20. (D) House of the Silver Dragon - We do it all
  21. <Static> Recruiting
  22. <Esse Quam Videri> is looking for members!
  23. <Fate's Hand> Defiant RP PVPVE guild
  24. 50 Rogue Looking for a Guild
  25. 4 of us LFguild geared for t2 ready to go!
  26. <Nexus> Recruitment Thread
  27. <Equilibrium> seeks mature, fun, and friendly players
  28. Have what it takes to be a <Champion of Champions> ( end game raid/PvP )
  29. <Kuro Tong> is recruiting! Mature players, light RP, PVP, PVE
  30. Any west coast raiding guilds?
  31. The Pipelayers are recruiting.
  32. Raid Guild- Defiant
  33. 28 Rogue With thee Perfect Spec...
  34. <Silence> a medium to heavy RP guild is looking for players and RP enthusiasts
  35. Shadow Covenant (RP Guild)
  36. Cleric Seeks A Home (RP Guild)
  37. <Shard First> Recruitment information in here
  38. looking for a pvp rp guild
  39. <Sraesikuun Triumvirate> Mature-HvyRP-PvP/PvE- (Sith Style Guild in Rift Lore)
  40. < Sacred Fire > Roleplay Order
  41. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  42. Looking for long-term Guild
  43. ISO Guild
  44. i.Rift-Harrow.com - Gulld Progression Tracking
  45. <United Independent> silently recruiting....
  46. <Botherhood> now recruiting (Casual PVP gamers)
  47. PLANE WARS S1.02 - March 29th 6:00pm shardtime. SHOW UP THIS TIME!
  48. <Haven> Casual, Social guild recruiting
  49. Telaran Templars is now recruiting.
  50. LF well rounded defiant RP guild
  51. /join RvR - a channel for world pvp organization and defense.
  52. <Tech Corps> casual/mature looking for a few more
  53. <Sparkle Motion> PVP/WF and PVE hard mode dungeon premades.
  54. [D] Status Quo - PvP Guild
  55. (D) Epidemic PvE/PvP
  56. <Al Bhed> -RP-(pvp,pve)// Guild Recruiting //
  57. Bipolar Pirates plundering your loots
  58. (D) House of the Silver Dragon (RP-PvP)
  59. Vae Victis - Looking for players level 40+ (but all are welcome). Prepare for Endgame
  60. Looking for a guild. (Mature, RP, Casual)
  61. looking for a guild with a strong emphasis in world pvp.
  62. YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED! World PvP is where its at!
  63. Need a good pvp/gank guild
  64. Looking for guild...
  65. [D] Looking for RP Guild!
  66. Looking for Guild
  67. Vae Victis - Your friendly neighborhood casual PvP, PvE, RP, Crafting Guild!
  68. Wanting to Start a Guild for pre-maid WF / PVP and Raids
  69. Tides of War - PvE, PvP, Rifts... We do it all, and we do it better
  70. LF Afro-Asian inspired RP guild
  71. Looking for a pvp guild that's active now... not later..
  72. I need a PVP guild
  73. <Static> Guild Recruiting - Fun, Friendly, Mature, Helpful....
  74. Looking for a strong pvp guild
  75. <Born Without Luck>
  76. Impiety (PvP/PvE) is recruiting friendly, adult and mature players(french or english)
  77. Come Join Vae Victis- Woe to the Vanquished!
  78. Are you looking for a casual guild of longtime friends?
  79. <WHITE MOMMY BLACK DADDY> is recruiting.
  80. LF PvP Guild
  81. Iron-Bound Recruiting
  82. <Phoenix Machine> Open Recruitment for Head Start - PvE, PvP, Light RP
  83. Epoch
  84. Looking for a guild
  85. < Panda Cub Clubbing Club >
  86. Carebear Conquistadors
  87. LF RP Guild
  88. <Entourage> Long time fun!
  89. XSeventy One PVP Guild
  90. =/\=Argenteum.Astrum=/\=
  91. Harrow ----- Oceanic Guild/s ----
  92. <D> Bloodspiral Heresy: Through the Rift into Telara
  93. Bona Vacantia - Harrow Defiant - PVE/PVP/RP Guild Looking to Swell its Ranks!
  94. French Guild