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  1. new guild recruiting: West Coast Ronin
  2. Any USA, East Coast .........
  3. <Afterlife> recruitng to fill a few core raid spots for regulos progression
  4. What faction?
  5. Seraphim: Social Oceanic Raiders.
  6. Looking for Old Everquest 1 players, Rodcet Nife
  7. Invitation - 3pm Server March 21st - Dream Dimensions Depot.
  8. Selling guild
  9. Returning Australian/Oceanic Player Seeks a Guild
  10. <Immortals>
  11. New Endings & Beginnings - The Grubs & RDD.
  12. Seeking Weekend Raiders - Fri/Sat/Sun - 3/4 FT 2/5 EE
  13. <Alter Ego> Recruiting all classes and levels!
  14. Kiwimidgets Dimensions - Have you voted for Laethys yet?
  15. <Vindictive> looking for new and returning players
  16. <Afterlife> Recruiting Clerics & Mages!
  17. Legion Unleashed 4/4FT 4/5 EE Recruiting!!
  18. <Server Police> Laethys' PvP Guild looking to recruit for PvP and Raiding!
  19. Hi Laethys! How are you all?
  20. Invictus Recruiting 3/4 FT 2/5 EE
  21. Cleric Tank looking for Guild
  22. <Challenge Accepted>, a brand new guild looking to recruit!
  23. Intereset Check
  24. Artifact Swap Meet.
  25. < Escape Rep Grind Island > now accessible!
  26. Oceanic rogue looking for Endgame guild
  27. Any Raiding Guilds Recruiting a Healing Cleric (Tank Heals)
  28. Invictus Recruiting
  29. New Oceanic Player looking to make some friends
  30. So madmates
  31. Wolfsbane-Shadow Guid
  32. New to game, looking to be taken under wing
  33. <Deadly Omen> Recruiting
  34. Level 50 Cleric Looking For Casual and or Hardcore Raiding Guild
  35. Massive Disconnects on Laethys
  36. Massive Disconnects on Laethys
  37. Looking for guild
  38. Oceanic playerbase
  39. Returning Cleric LFG
  40. <Afterlife> - Oceanic Raiding
  41. Tabula Rasa Alt ID Raid #1
  42. Defiant Cleric looking for guild to call home
  43. <Myth Rift> Laethys M-F 6am-9am server, rebuilding need all ID ready players
  44. <The Riftguard>@Laethys-HK Conq, 5/8 ID, Raids- 7.30am server time (Oceanic)
  45. 3 rogues, 1 cleric all ID geared LFG
  46. Come watch <Tabula Rasa> finally beat Laethys tonight!
  47. Laethys Raid Progression (6.0)
  48. For guilds who never learned Maklamos..
  49. Want to watch <Tabula Rasa> fail at Laethys?
  50. Want to hear Bearz sing?
  51. LF Level 10+ Defiant Guild For Sale.
  52. LF Morning raiding guild (for me)
  53. Times..............
  54. WTB 2 Carceran Items leave price and in game name!
  55. <Synapse> @ Deepwood Recruiting 5-8AM server (Oceanic)
  56. Rift: Storm Legion (First Expansion For Rift)
  57. Looking for an HK Pug
  58. WTB 2x Crystalized Souls and 1x enflamed soul!!!
  59. Insertion Rift Guild- wolfsbane
  60. 11/11 HK Mage, LF Guild
  61. HK Pug hosted by <Altpocalypse Now> 4am SVT Friday and Saturday
  62. Server pop?
  63. Systematic Demise
  64. Returning player looking for am AM raiding guild (EST US)
  65. Laethys Raid Progression
  66. Server is down
  67. Hello Laethys
  68. PDKP Hammerknell Hosted by <Harmless> April 13th
  69. Experienced Raider Seeking Raiding Guild!!
  70. PDKP Hammerknell Hosted by <Harmless> April 6th
  71. my rogue pvp movie
  72. Mage looking for a Defiant Oceanic HK Raiding Guild (Sammich)
  73. I am the best mage
  74. Phad's PA level as requested
  75. PuG/Alt PDKP Hammerknell - Hosted by <Harmless>
  76. Waiting 3 hours for a 78mb Update....
  77. Where's Mosh Now?
  78. Aussie players wanting 8-12pm Aest Raiding position
  79. LF serious endgame progression Aussie guild.
  80. New player / 50 looking for NZ/AUS guild
  81. More returning player questions
  82. 2 returning players: Questions to the server
  83. To all Singapore Rift Guilds!!!
  84. Freemarch is for the Defiants!
  85. (DEFIANT) Extrasensory's HK PUGs
  86. <Project Mayhem> is Disbanding
  87. 5/11 Exp'd Rogue LF Guild
  88. Laethys PVP Ladder
  89. <OCEANIC> Defiant Guild on Laethy's
  90. Kiwis on Laethys
  91. Hey Twinks!
  92. (Defiant 10/11) We need a new main tank!
  93. Lovely ladies of Laethys (NZ/Aussie)
  94. <Harmless> Akylios Vids
  95. New/Returning Rift Player looking for....
  96. Newbie SG player looks to migrate to Laethys
  97. <Reverence> LFM raiders (oceanic - australian)
  98. <Honor> Guild is recruiting
  99. 1.7.......
  100. Infamous GDKP ROS & GSB 4 Feb 2012, 7 AM Server Time
  101. GDKP GSB/ROS runs Hosted by Infamous (Defiant)
  102. Beware of Nietzche
  103. Skimpy Armour
  104. Recruiting - PUG Premades (Guards)
  105. 4am Raid guild?
  106. Guild.
  107. Server population, PvP queues.. peeps impressions?
  108. Unknown from defiant dayblind moving here
  109. I'm returning to RIFT and playing on Laethys
  110. 6 people looking for new guild on Laethys
  111. HK ready warrior looking for a guild.
  112. Laethys...it isnt the same anymore.
  113. Why I like placing a '1' above Godly's ugly face
  114. <Apostle> Is Recruiting for HK Progression.
  115. So who were the defiants that raiding Sanctum this weekend?
  116. @Mosh
  117. Bearz......
  118. Where's Mosh? Playing rogue :)
  119. Laethys Raid Progression 4.0
  120. Buying "Scotty's research paper, page 1" (Guardian side)
  121. T1 raid geared/P8 warrior LF HK progressing guild
  122. LFG - Guardian rogue/warrior
  123. TRION! - get our ADDONS back on pls! - Other servers have them activated.
  124. Go horde came to Rift, Casual PvP Guild LFM
  125. Dawn of Night -Raiding Alliances open (20 man content)
  126. hk ready cleric lf guild
  127. DPS/Healing Mage LF HK Guild (G)
  128. General Goods Vendor Recruiting
  129. Need an active guild
  130. Def <Revenge of the Nerds> recruiting
  131. Thinking of transferring
  132. New to Rift, looking for a friendly guild
  133. MaheM pvp video....
  134. Cleric healer/dps LF est afternoon raiding guild
  135. Virgin Islands, AST - lf server/guilds with members on mornings EST/AST
  136. <purple rainbow flower meanface> LF late night Aussie/early morn NA raiders
  137. <Violent Harvest> AM Raiding
  138. Looking for good aussie guild
  139. Raiding interuption
  140. Vietnam GMT+7
  141. Morning raiding?
  142. Laethys Raid Progression 3.0
  143. Thinking of transfering
  144. Master Entertainer
  145. Streaming Games for 24 hours October 15th.
  146. Initial Addon Review
  147. A home =)
  148. Faces of Laethys.
  149. So sick of the popularity contest on this server!
  150. About a dozen folks LF EST raiding guild.
  151. RIFT TV - Meridien @ Laethys Saviours
  152. will anyone start another PVE progress thread?
  153. Sasheena@Lethys
  154. Fair Warning to Guardian's in World PVP & Using Exploits - And Other Stuff
  155. T2/Raid geared rogue tank LF 3am or after (server time) raiding guild
  156. Considering this server to start an 8pm server time raiding guild
  157. Defiant - Ultimate Hunter Achievement
  158. Is this a good Shard to start on?
  159. Our battlegroup....
  160. dps warrior looking for a home
  161. Any Crafting Rifts...
  162. Eh, lai lai lip lai!
  163. Laethys Facebook Group.
  164. Recently Resubbed T2 Geared Rogue LF Raids
  165. Just Re-Subbed and Transferred: Defiant War LF Casual Guild w/ TS3
  166. Leveling Dungeon Runs!
  167. WTS It Belongs In A Museum artifacts set
  168. Oathsmasher
  169. Servers crashed on laethy ?
  170. Skilled warrior, Coq RoS, GSB Clear, 3/10 HK LF Raiding guild. Guardian
  171. pvp rifts
  172. Mage Lvl 50 Looking for NA Guild
  173. Lf oceanic raiding guild
  174. Laethys is down.. okay who killed it?
  175. Average Raid Times Here.
  176. Raid/T2 Geared rogue LF Semi Hardcore Raiding Guild
  177. Puppies > Alsbeth
  178. <Chronicle> is selling GSB/RoS Raid spots
  179. Tear's and you
  180. Transfered, Cleric Raid Ready - LF Raiding Guild
  181. Oceanic Shard not based in Oceania?
  182. Only two souls. Any way to change that?
  183. Warrior Tank / DPS LF Raid Guild
  184. Getintheminivan, server molinar, afk in warfronts
  185. Trading Guardian blue artis! :)
  186. WTB Dark Iron Haubrek Recipe (Guardian)
  187. I seem to have ran out of quests :(
  188. Laethys full cannot transfer :(
  189. Pro gamer looking for a Guardian raiding guild.
  190. Is Laethys right for my wife and I?
  191. what is primetime on Oceanantic servers?
  192. Laethys guild progression 2.0
  193. Laethys Raid Progression
  194. 7 fresh transfers looking for raiders!
  195. EXP MMO'er LF Friendly/Exp Guild
  196. LF Oceanic Raiding guild
  197. Need guild!!!
  198. Whats the best Guild on Laethys shard ??
  199. SO now that there has been a rush...
  200. So what if our tag now say Oceanic?! Don't leave...
  201. Just to let new people know ...
  202. Server Full, Time to Wait: 16 Minutes
  203. Oceanic Server?
  204. 50 Bard/Ranger great gear looking for guild starting 3-4pm server time
  205. Full T2+ Rogue LF Very active raiding Oceanic Guild
  206. Husband/Wife Duo New to the Shard Seeking Raiding Guild
  207. Transfers in unique time-situation seeking a guild that starts raid around 6-8pm ST
  208. Transfer seeking an Oceanic guild to raid with
  209. Night owls seeking a guild
  210. Experienced MMO'ers (Husband & Wife Team) LF Guild
  211. Timezone Question
  212. SherwinJTB> Level 1 - Bahmi - Defiants - Warrior
  213. Question about queues Defiant Side (PVP and LFG)
  214. so is this server good?
  215. <Reign>PVE/Guardian/Oceanic -Serious to Hardcore raiding
  216. Need another Oceanic shard or two
  217. Finally an Oceanic shard
  218. [G] Two Experienced MMOers, New to Rift, LF Guild
  219. Four raiders looking for a home with a late US raid time
  220. Rising Sun 6pm- 4am pst raiding guild formed and lfm raiders.
  221. Transfer Question
  222. Experienced raider Looking for guild possible transfer
  223. WTT I have 75 plat on my mage Defaint, Want to trade for plat on Guardian side.
  224. (Guardian) Possible transfer to this shard
  225. Australian Raiding guild Guardians
  226. Anyone raiding at 9am servertime and beyond?
  227. Instance Reset Time
  228. Looking to Transfer - Seeking Guild :3
  229. Guild Mergers
  230. 1hr+ in LFG Queue...
  231. Woohoo server transfers are here
  232. <Tribunal> has arrived on Laethys
  233. Laethys the new shard transfer destination for Oceanic PvE players
  234. Guild Reputation
  235. Shard Populace Ratio
  236. Thanks for the (lowbie) riftage
  237. [G] <Horizon> is recruiting! 45+
  238. Laethys PVE Progression Thread.
  239. Trading!
  240. (Defiant) Epic quest steps
  241. Mathos rep grinding group
  242. {D}
  243. {Defiant} Buying Pristine Distillate
  244. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  245. New Allies! Warning, contains photos of our travels
  246. Welcome to Laethys
  247. {G} Looking for a Guild
  248. Guardians - Baron raid in Stillmoor?? 04/08/11??
  249. Looking for more for T2/raids
  250. Laethys low activity?