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  1. Refugees Guild from Gnarlwood is looking to finish Raid Force
  2. Server transfers already
  3. Corthana is the new trial server after patch 6/25 (pic)
  4. Please list what server you are tranferring too
  5. Server death?
  6. Ah well, I tried. Farewell.
  7. gaurdians or defiants
  8. Ello!!!!
  9. Expert rifts and Raid rifts
  10. Is it worth
  11. LF Oceanic guild
  12. Hello Everyone
  13. Rummage Sale
  14. [G] LF moonshade artifacs.
  15. Looking for casual mid sized Defiant guild, EST, for group quests, dungeons, etc
  16. ROFLSTOMPERS Recruting All
  17. anybody need to do last stand quest out there?
  18. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  19. (G) Zone Invasion Channel
  20. 50 rogue looking to start higher content
  21. Guild Alliances
  22. PvPer's on Guardian in the lvl 50 bracket?
  23. [G] Tank and Healer looking for Guild
  24. LF armoursmith with Dark Iron Helm plans on guardian side
  25. Defiant looking for casual guild
  26. high end runecrafter sales
  27. Event?
  28. Server Lag last night
  29. World Event Channel
  30. Is this server dying?
  31. Fat Tire is open to members
  32. Looking for Oceanic Guild
  33. Ebony Maul Now Available
  34. Quest: Past is Prologue
  35. [Defiant] Big artifact (Ang alil something else..) sale.
  36. Looking For Weaponsmith that can make Ebony Maul
  37. Sup Shardlings!
  38. Guild Events?
  39. Why Defiant, or guardian?
  40. How's It Hangin' Corthana?!
  41. Corthana Guild Progression Tracker
  42. chinese gold pirates, coming soon to an authenticator near you
  43. For everyone posting guilds in this forum:
  44. Temerity - Casual EST Guild
  45. <No Worries> Oceanic Casual Guild.
  46. I like to heal
  47. Looking for Guild that does PVP premades - Defiant
  48. People dropping after one wipe?
  49. Any Raid Guilds on Defiants?
  50. Low Population Forums
  51. RIFT! DANCE! GO! (video)
  52. Looking for East coast timezone guild
  53. Defiant Looking for a Guild
  54. Defiant Trolls
  55. Funeral Pyre
  56. Mature person looking for Guild
  57. On the hunt for a great guild!
  58. Official release! So how is it going....
  59. Corthana Offical Real Life Picture Thread!
  60. Introduce Yourself!
  61. think we'll be slammed tommorrow?
  62. Hi everyone!
  64. The official Server Down thread
  65. ....This Server Is The Best :)
  66. @ Hochai
  67. Official PVE US server - PST Time Zone
  68. This is a US-PVE Server
  69. NA players also welcome on Corthana
  70. Corthana - 2nd Unofficial Oceanic server
  71. Hello Defiant!
  72. Prodigy (Defiant) Recruiting!
  73. many aussies coming here?
  74. Corthanian Guild Listings
  75. Signature gnerator
  76. Welcome Corthanians!
  77. First!