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  1. Looking For Raiding Guild
  2. What's New?
  3. When did Aedraxis turn into a Low population Trial Server?
  4. Problems transferring off of Aedraxis
  5. Aedraxis RiftRaff = Adrift on Deepwood
  6. The Watch Formally Moved to Deepwood
  7. Anyone know any Eastern Time Zone Shards?
  8. Bye Bye Aedraxis
  9. all care bears must die.
  10. Hi All!
  11. To any potential incoming transfers.
  12. Last night Server unity on Rifts.
  13. Wtb codex ques
  14. Hi Aedraxis, and welcome Defiant...
  15. Looking for a helpful 'Defiant' Weaponsmith
  16. @Guardians
  17. Aedraxis Health.
  18. Dedicated raider LFGUILD 10-2am est
  19. Aedraxis Raid Progression
  20. Support a thread for Shard Merging/Character Transfers
  21. Re-rolling couple looking for a home! (re-post to general shard forum)
  22. Kinetic in Action...
  23. Aedraxis News Letter
  24. Dungeon Changes
  25. Greenscale down!
  26. Aedraxis's Official Server Progression Thread
  27. Rerolling to Aedraxis
  28. Is the Shard still down since Saturday night?
  29. Defiant Side PUG Raids?
  30. WoW server crashed I lost all my toons on Aedraxis? LMAO
  31. Akala PuG Wed Night [G]
  32. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  33. (guardian side)Grats Kinetic! 3/5 in Greenscale!
  34. GM event for River of Souls - opinion
  35. Locked
  36. White whatver pvp ....
  37. Insomnia downs Duke Letareus (GSB)
  38. Destination Aedraxis
  39. Theorycrafting Madness!
  40. Nikayla and I had a very cool Aedraxis weekend
  41. Who is who in Crafting Professions
  42. You gotta be kidding
  43. Greetings from Seastone
  44. The Watch Channel
  45. A message to Aedraxis
  46. What things go thru your head when...
  47. GM Event March 30th
  48. Aussies/Aussie time zone players (defiant)
  49. Pure Distillate
  50. New to Rift and Aedraxis
  51. @Mandi
  52. Defiant Rogue LF Tier 2's / Expert or Raid Rifts
  53. New mage looking for serious guild
  54. Guardian level 45+'s?
  55. New Rogue - Auroris - Looking for a guild
  56. Suggestion: Aedraxis Invasion Alert
  57. What does Aedraxis need?
  58. Life on Aedraxis [Screenshots]
  59. Made A Mistake
  60. Meow
  61. Epic Sourceshards and Major Rift Invasions....
  62. Badoon !
  63. [B]<Para Bellum> is currently recruiting all classes[/B]
  64. Older Player Looking For A Home
  65. Looking to group que for warfronts?
  66. community?
  67. Plaque crafting thread for Aedraxi
  68. Spammer sitting in Meridian
  69. LF GMT+8 Raiding Guild
  70. Starting a new guild
  71. Our server is shy.
  72. Scarwood Puzzle
  73. Silverwood Invasions -
  74. Pacific Raid Time Guardian Guild?
  75. RIFT! DANCE! GO! (video)
  76. LLauron sayin hi. & looking for unique Guardians.
  77. LLauron sayin hi. & looking for unique Guardians.
  78. Looking for an 'adults only' guild, preferably Guardian
  79. Share your location Aedraxis!
  80. Aussies on Aedraxis?
  81. Hi, my name is....
  82. Materials for Guardians
  83. Guilds for Parents
  84. Looking for something, healing related.
  85. Former Raiders, Looking For More Casual Guild
  86. Scouring the forums for a guild is tiring!
  87. Haggard the mighty
  88. Way too quiet...
  89. Some interesting facts
  90. Welcome to Rift and Aedraxis
  91. How are the launch day queues?
  92. Launch Day!
  93. server down??
  94. For Anyone Coming From Exodar
  95. Looking for Guardian Guild
  96. Aedraxis 911: NPCs and Players Vanished...
  97. Server is...kinda down
  98. "Knights of Marr" Recruiting
  99. Defiant Rogue LF Serious End Game Guild...
  100. Public Grouping and You
  101. Rift Forum Sig Generator
  102. Defiant v.s. Guardian
  103. Mature Server (or Sensible Server)
  104. So, who is staying on this server?
  105. Well... someone has to be first.