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  1. How can I get characters off this shard?
  2. And now .... only one RP server :(
  3. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  4. Estrael Closes it's Doors Another One Opens....<Family>
  5. Estrael goes trial Jan. 18th
  6. Good news, bad news
  7. Parting ways with Level 11 Guild
  8. Crimson Striders are moving on
  9. Simple Complexities - Goodbye is the hardest thing to do...
  10. Family Moves Shards
  11. Order of the Forge, Leaving.....
  12. <Dark Paradigm> leaving ...
  13. Rp Partner(s)
  14. Play Nice...saying goodbye
  15. Where do the Guardians gather for impromptu rp?
  16. Server merges?
  17. Estrael Progression Three: Progress Harder
  18. Simple Complexities - State of the Estrael Union <G>
  19. The Legionnaires 20 Man Leap.
  20. Simple Complexities is still here <G>
  21. Having fun with graphics bug.
  22. How to tell who's lying.
  23. Shard seems dead!
  24. Just Curious
  25. Estrael 30's War Front que times...
  26. Reverent Brotherhood looking for people to help run GSB 12/3 <G>
  27. Reverent Brotherhood is actively recruiting <G>
  28. The Simple, Yet Complex Estrael Raid Alliance <G>
  29. Diamond Katana Guild Seeking Guild Alliances
  30. Ragnarok is now recruiting!!!
  31. Simple Complexities Greenscale PuG Tour <G>
  32. Rift Role-play Community Character Bios
  33. So, yeah!
  34. EVENT: THE AMAZING RACE NOV 12th 2PM EST starts Sanctum
  35. Oct.30 - Life Raid Rifts
  36. Server First for Itseotle and Simple Complexities...
  37. Guardian PVP
  38. Guardians Deffiant %
  39. Looking for Defiant Apothecary to sell me Valor stone augment
  40. The Reverent Brotherhood is looking for new raiders
  41. Simple Complexities 20 Man Run - Greenscale <G>
  42. Dear Traxex
  43. Looking for a Defiant Artificer...
  44. Extra Life Gamer's Charity Event Oct 15th
  45. Thomas Penthas (Hammerlord Post) Quest Glitch!
  46. Missive Addressed to the Estrael Leadership
  47. Singing it to the tune of Rift
  48. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  49. [G] Priory of Scion
  50. How is the RP/maturity now here?
  51. A Quick Hello to Estrael
  52. Guild/Server question
  53. ESTRAEL SERVER help wanted
  54. To Guardians who happen to travel to Meridian....
  55. <RiftHunters> Guardian guild is recruiting!
  56. Aelfwar Abomination
  57. Defiant ~ Estrael Raiding Alliance
  58. Seeking Guild
  59. Zero's Goo Burger
  60. Estrael Progression Thread (New)
  61. Moving to Estrael...?
  62. [Naughty Words] Music Game Thread Thing!
  63. which rp shard?
  64. Looking for a guild..
  65. Happy birthday mika
  66. Ordo Magi Hosts a Party
  67. RP Servers
  68. Naming Conventions
  69. Is this a real Rp server?
  70. How's this shard?
  71. TOURNAMENT EVENT! (Vigil's Inquisition)
  72. Teutonic Knights Guild
  73. oPVP Coordination
  74. (RP/Stories) Ishkura
  75. 50 Cleric looking for raid opportunities (Guardian-healing)
  76. Signatures
  77. Wink Wink
  78. How is Guardian Participation here in PVP Rifts Open World
  79. Deathbringer Band
  80. Why would you ever choose a cat over a fae as a servant?
  81. Defiant Armorsmiths!! <3
  82. Greets
  83. Would you come back to Estrael?
  84. pvp on pve shard
  85. <Defiants>Ninth Reich of the Void is recruiting
  86. Thank you Trion, for the superb buff to Augments and Artifacts!
  87. which PvE-RP shard has the lowest population?
  88. Will the Guardians come out and play tonight?
  89. What else does PN and DP stand for?
  90. WTB a Tarnished Mathosian Tabard Guardian side.
  91. [D] Lightsmasher Recipe
  92. Traxex is a noob
  93. Greetings/Questions
  94. Does your guild have a few who want to raid? Want to team up?
  95. Rudest people in the game.
  96. I'm a little...confused.
  97. New Guild Transfer looking for members!
  98. Looking for an RP server.
  99. Tales from Telara IV - an Estrael RP Event - 7/30/11, 8:30 - 10:00PM, EST
  100. Moved to Europe looking for help
  101. Interest in a Dragon Age themed low-med RP/Raiding Guild
  102. Seeking some like-minded RPers Guardian-side
  103. Zero's Stuffed Peppers
  104. July 20 server maintenance.. where is Estrael? o.O
  105. To those who told me mages can't tank experts...
  106. Do people still run low-level dungeons?
  107. Another RAID guild BITES THE DUST..
  108. [D] Traxex WeaponSmithies Spamming Since 1887.
  109. Question about queues Defiant Side (PVP and LFG)
  110. <G> Estrael Regular Events
  111. Vent-Free Guild <Silent Epidemic> downs Luthas Darkblade in Death Raid Rift
  112. New to Rift & looking for a RP server
  113. Defiant: Looking for Guild
  114. Estreal - Roleplay Logs/Blogs/Forums
  115. Looking for friends
  116. Well...
  117. Defiant numbers!
  118. So how is the shard?
  119. The "Why" of RP Standards
  120. Guardian side
  121. 1.3 How's it going so far..thoughts anyone?
  122. Is anyone else having Issues with the patcher?
  123. Is the shard up yet?
  124. Tales from Telara III an Estrael RP Event - 6/25/11, 8:30 - 10:00PM, EST
  125. RP Guardians
  126. Where Estrael stands as a server...
  127. Defiant Mathos Rep Raid.
  128. Crafting Title Suggestions
  129. (D) WTB Weapons of War - Page 6
  130. Gaurdian: LF Progression/Raid Guild
  131. World PvP at lower lvls?...
  132. A lore question
  133. ? about your server
  134. (G) WTT Flawless Adrenalite for Shimmering Naga Scale
  135. *****
  136. Dark Iron Helm
  137. Support Roles
  138. ATTN Defiant Achievement Hoarders
  139. (D) <My Guild> looking to raid / merge raids.
  140. Estrael: Server progression
  141. Long, very long, RP post for Guardians.
  142. Guardians: I am looking for the Silverwood artifact "Conclusion: Gross and Evil"
  143. Seriously?
  144. WTB [Static Charged Shield] (Defiant)
  145. The Second Meeting of Blades and Wits (RP Event)
  146. [D] Buck's RP Parties
  147. just an idea.
  148. The Meridian Cricket
  149. Hai! I'm new. (RPer LFG Guardian)
  150. Free move to another server
  151. Rift of fiery death!
  152. Finding Out About Invasions When Youre Not In-game
  153. (D) Looking for Scarwood artifacts.
  154. To Help or Not To Help...
  155. Looking for guild! (defiant)
  156. Sorry
  157. LF mentor/guild
  158. [G] Seeking Stillmoor Artifacts
  159. Greater Planar Essences
  160. [G] The AH Economy is Dismal
  161. Test your Knowledge on 5/17/2011
  162. How do you RP?
  163. Only the COMMUNITY can make an RP server!!!
  164. WF Balance Defiant vs Guardians?
  165. Request for suggestions for RP hotspots
  166. Well played - Play Nice
  167. Scott posted on the Name Change policy
  168. Some name rules being removed according to manager of in-game GM's
  169. Looking to rerole to good RP server
  170. Warfront whine
  171. For the love of Lantern Hook.
  172. Despicable behavior from both factions
  173. Shinies - The Game!
  174. Defiant - join /swapmeet to trade artifacts and crafting stuff
  175. Joining Zone_Event for Invasions
  176. Anything from the Admins?
  177. Estrael is DOWN!
  178. Server Crashed
  179. Tank LF US Eastern time expert instance group (Defiant)
  180. Looking for a few Moonshade artifacts...
  181. Defiant lorebreakers in Argent Glade
  182. Popularity of Healers
  183. Trading Artifacts
  184. Sab still viable with footage
  185. How is Estrael, Defiant side?
  186. So for all the complaints about community on the general forums...
  187. Best on Server - PvP edition
  188. Tales from Telara an Estrael RP Event, 4/30/11, 8:30 to 10:00PM, EST
  189. Should I roll on Estrael?
  190. Wow, Estrael full?
  191. The Cause
  192. How Versatile are you?
  193. Killswitch Gettin Reckless
  194. Redemption of Perdeen
  195. Notes from Apprentice Archivist Aston Marhawke
  196. Presenting: Inquisenticar
  197. Passion Pit remixes Beastie Boys.
  198. Who does your main resemble?
  199. RP "Meeting Place" As it were.
  200. RP Idea: Mercenaries/Bounty Hunter group/Guild. Need input...
  201. any early morning groups/guilds around?
  202. The First Meeting of Blades and Wits ((Cross-faction RP event, hopefully recurring))
  203. 50 warrior looking for a home. (Guardian)
  204. Looking for a Guardian Armorsmith...
  205. How to not break your immersion?
  206. RoS Opening Event?
  207. Alise's Hypothetical Scenario #2 (Open RP)
  208. Hauberk of the Devout - can anyone make one on the Guardian side?
  209. Question about Clerics
  210. Request for the Invasion channel moderator
  211. What's the Guardian community like here?
  212. Boarpedo
  213. My first RP experience
  214. Champion's Calling (an arena RP event 4-3-11)
  215. Assessing the game
  216. Boxes.
  217. New Rift Player, LF Guild - either Faction
  218. Hats
  219. Vigil's Justice - Friends and Family type guild is looking for members
  220. This is the Thread that never ends
  221. Robes of the Flowing Dark
  222. Hello! *crickets*
  223. PvE Progression
  224. The River of Souls
  225. Speed hacks
  226. I'm rubbish at PVP
  227. The real enemy...
  228. New to game and shard
  229. Introductions are in Order ((Guild Story))
  230. Thanks for the excitement in Argent Glade/Quicksilver College, Defiants!
  231. Trading rare artifacts [Guardian]
  232. Guardians Drop Urthura (yes I know the defiant got her first)
  233. Let's not start this crap while LFG'ing.
  234. ... do the GMS even care? Its been days on some petitions an they dont respond..
  235. Party!
  236. Tragedies Have Endings... ((RP Backstory))
  237. Hello Estrael! (Re-rolling here)
  238. RPer looking for guild
  239. rare recipe crafters...
  240. Sage of the Endless: Chance Meeting
  241. Late night Guardians?
  242. Hello and What can we do for you?
  243. /join Invasion - Let others know when invasions happen! [Defiant]
  244. Urthura - Server First Defeat by the Defiants!
  245. Looking to form Bahmi Tribe Medium-Heavy Roleplaying guild
  246. <Guardian> Level 50 dungeon groups
  247. <Defiant> Seeking Artifacts - List of what i need and paying.
  248. Character Profiles - Post Yours!
  249. Tell your best (hopefully non offensive) jokes
  250. Need Artifacts for Server First <guardian>