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  1. ~Colossus~ on Shatterbone is Open to players transfering from Alsbeth
  2. Afterlife on Shatterbon "Guardian Guild" is recruiting 2 DPS and a MS Healer
  3. Shard Being Converted to Trial Shard On 1/18/12
  4. Defiant Side Guilds
  5. newb here! not new to mmorpgs just new to rift. need friends
  6. My Week On Alsbeth Shard (PvE)
  7. Nephilim New Years Eve GSB 10man vid
  8. @Sinch the rogue
  9. Lfg
  10. PVP for Defiants
  11. <Celestial Knights> (G) recruiting for 6pm & 2am raids
  12. Looking for active guild.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving
  14. Alsbeth (Guardian) is dying...
  15. Bad Intentions Recruiting For HK
  16. <Decayed> (Guardian) recruiting
  17. Looking to transfer
  18. Good Afternoon Alsbeth, I'd like to introduce myself...
  19. Dark Aggression - Alsbeth - Defiant
  20. <Luclin> Looking for raiders
  21. Farewell Alsbeth from Chaos Reborn
  22. <G> Legio Sanctum Recruiting for HK
  23. Grats to Reiry
  24. 7/11 Hammerknell Guild <Hex> Recruiting
  25. Good morning everyone!
  26. <Consilium Antiquus> is looking for all level and classes.
  27. Late Night Guardian Raiding - We want you!
  28. New PvP guild. Please read, thanks
  29. Hello everyone, a small introduction...
  30. Farewell
  31. Guild Recruiting
  32. Disgusted
  33. Server first Heretic's Warhammer
  34. @ Hex
  35. Ramblings from work
  36. Defiant - WTB Serrated Deep One Tooth x2
  37. wtb more good morning alsbeth posts
  38. Good Morning Alsbeth * Friday 8/12
  39. Daily update coming?
  40. World PVP is heating up!
  41. Pug raid progressing
  42. Good morning Alsbeth *Wednesday 8/10
  43. Learn to AH
  44. Help me Fran!
  45. Good Morning Alsbeth *Monday 8/8
  46. Good Morning Alsbeth * Sunday 8/7
  47. Good Morning Alsbeth * Saturday 8/6
  48. Good EVENING Alsbeth *Friday 8/5
  49. Waiting for your daily post holyterror
  50. Guardian Guild looking for a home
  51. Good Morning Alsbeth! *Thurs 8/4
  52. What's the point?
  53. Good Morning Alsbeth * Wed 8/3
  54. Any interest in a guild that raid 11PM -1AM PST?
  55. Alsbeth Raid Progression Thread
  56. <SHADOW COMPANY> LF *eastern night time players*
  57. Well, we transferred! <Ctrl Alt Elite>
  58. Any Guilds Raiding After 8pm Server Time
  59. Its my pleasure to report
  60. Raid Progression
  61. Alsbeth sick of transfers?
  62. Grats Hex :) Conquerer of River of Souls achieve
  63. A note on T2 Grouping and Loot ...
  64. Best of the best pvpers
  65. Alsbeth: Guardian vs Defiant
  66. Guardian Guild Mergers
  67. Queue vs. Lag
  68. Horrible in game lag...Seriously?!?!
  69. can't log in and transfer....
  70. Whats up with all the spammers
  71. Small guild looking to merger with another guild of like mind.
  72. Farewell Alsbeth
  73. Buying a Static-Charged Shield from CC expert!
  74. LF some Premade Warfronts (to avoid the 'tardlickers we tend to have to play with)
  75. Alsbeth Guardian PvP'ers
  76. Petition to do something about the Queue times.
  77. [G] <Teddy Bear Terrorist> is recruiting for 10man and beyond!
  78. Trading 200p defiant side for guardian side.
  79. <Execute> has transferred, and is looking for new members!
  80. 500+ in the queue now.
  81. Just adding to the epic fail queue threads....
  82. Heres an idea....make the last 400ish go away
  83. 1 Hour to get onto the server?
  84. Queue Time is REDICULOUS
  85. Really!! Queue time to get onto server!!
  86. Guild thinking of coming to this Shard
  87. Group looking for a guild
  88. Queue's
  89. alsbeth the most populated server now?
  90. Band of the Hawk, (PST) Raiding Guild Recruiting <Guardian>
  91. 5 Raiders looking for a new home
  92. Warfronts
  93. Just transfered to shard looking for a pvp guild
  94. <The Olde Knights> Moves From Hammerlord to Alsbeth! Glad To Be Here!!
  95. Hi Alsbeth! <Ruin> is glad to be here
  96. How is the raiding progress on this shard?
  97. Hello from endless shard :)
  98. Transferring to guardian side:D
  99. Defiant Transfer
  100. Server firsts today
  101. LFM for active guild for working adults
  102. Thinking of xfering here (Guardian)
  103. PVP On this cluster
  104. Hello Alsbeth from Chaos Reborn
  105. Auzzie pop?
  106. Server X-fer's
  107. /join Invasion
  108. LFG - Runic Decent Dungeon
  109. Looking for a Guild
  110. Looking to make a guild..
  111. Looking for NZ/Aus (late night ST) Guardian Guild
  112. server time zones
  113. Looking for an Active Guild
  114. Town Hall #1: Alsbeth
  115. Defiant or Guardian. Please answer :)
  116. Alsbeth Raidcall
  117. How is this server?
  118. Cleric looking for people to PvP with.
  119. So I heard this place was dead...
  120. Dedicated Raider LFGuild 10-2am est
  121. First on shard?
  122. .
  123. LF Guild
  124. Couple Looking For Late Night Guild
  125. Last man standing in guild
  126. What ever happened to Respect and Courtesy among those in the same realm?
  127. Static Groups Guardian side.
  128. Why is Alsbeth down
  129. Looking for EST players (defiant).
  130. Looking for Warfront Team/Guild/Premades
  131. Guild of ex Everquest 1 or 2 players
  132. Looking for Guild
  133. Video producers of Alsbeth!
  134. PvP Warfront's...
  135. Tanks vs. Healers
  136. PVP Guardian rogues: Name yourself
  137. The Commonwealth Alliance
  138. How is everyone liking Rift??
  139. Any Defiants have polished shadethorn recipe?
  140. Would you be opposed to a server merge?
  141. Build Community
  142. Looking for Guild
  143. Greetings to the Ascendents of Alsbeth
  144. List of active Guilds on Alsbeth
  145. Alsbeth - While you are at work thread.
  146. Riftjunkies
  147. I am eating pizza rolls
  148. Abcdefghijklm........
  149. Looking for FUN guild..
  150. What's up, Alsbeth?
  151. Error in Defiant Guilds Section of Alsbeth
  152. Howdy