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  1. <Despair> is recruting new and experienced players!
  2. <WAKE>Accepting New, Returning & Veteran players!
  3. 3 hours!
  4. Skilled player Coming back to Rift!
  5. Returning players looking for casual guild
  6. LF Founders for a RIFT chapter in existing Multi-Game Community
  7. Returning Cleric Defiler healer Looking for Raiding guild.
  8. New to game, looking for a guild
  9. Returning Player Looking for A Guild
  10. **Honey Badgers** lvl 17 guild seeking new/returning players for Laughs/Raids/PVP
  11. Classix Gaming- What do you want?
  12. No Shame Gaming 8/9 Recruiting
  13. Legion Unleashed Recruiting!
  14. <Halcyon> Raids Tu/W/F 6-9 pm ST Now Recruiting!
  15. War MS tank or Cleric LF Night guild
  16. Deepwood Raid Progression & Guild Directory
  17. Cleric or Mage (9/9 on main) looking for weekday raiding guild on deepwood
  18. ID Achievement Run
  19. <Everything is Fine> is recruiting!
  20. EST-friendly weekend pug raids
  21. Looking for Old Everquest 1 players, Rodcet Nife
  22. <Let the Wookiee Win> Late-night, mature/adult-oriented, casual PvP/Rifts/Progression
  23. <Halcyon> Raids Tues/Wed/Fri 6-9 PM ST! Recruiting for Storm Legion
  24. <Covenant of the Phoenix> is recruiting for SL raids.
  25. Clerics & Raiders Wanted
  26. FT GDKP @8pm on Saturday 3/23/2013
  27. Total Shenanigans-Looking for Healing Clerics for 20 man progression!
  28. Ft gdkp 3/16/2013
  29. Selling guild
  30. FT GDKP run on 3/9/2013
  31. Trio of friends looking for a guild to level with and eventually raid. Deepwood.
  32. <Exiled> Brand new progression Guild.
  33. The Person behind the Player. To Brackus of Fate @Deepwood. We will Remember you.
  34. Is this server dead at US night/oceanic times?
  35. New Guild on Deepwood
  36. Looking for a PvP focused guild....
  37. New player - looking for a guild to level and raid with
  38. warriors and clerics needed
  39. Returning, need some tips/advice and a guild
  40. The Prismatic Order - Recruiting all levels :)
  41. <Is Lost> Recruiting All Classes and Levels
  42. Legends reborn is recruiting(not just another guild)
  43. Terrible Idea Recruiting
  44. <Fires of Heaven> 3/4 | 2/5 Recruiting CLERICS and a geared TANK
  45. Mdoidoi Failure Enjoy (Terrible Idea)
  46. <Undecided> Recruiting Late night Raiders 9pm - Midnight 3/4 FT, 1/5 EE, 4/4 TDQ.
  47. <Divine Fury> L21 Guild 1/5 EE 3/4 FT 4/4 TotDQ LFM raiders (weekday raiding)
  48. <Lost Ones> recruiting all classes
  49. <Virus> Recruiting for Storm Legion Raids!
  50. Returning Rogue Looking for a Guild
  51. <Jynxed> 2/4 FT Recruiting Exceptional Players for 20 Man Raids!
  52. <Demented Asylum> recruiting raiders for 20 man content.
  53. Returning Player mage/cleric lfg
  54. So Who Wins PvP, Defiant's or Guardians?
  55. =*<Decimation> Adult (21+) 4/4 ToDQ, LF A DPS - 20 mans start after New Years! *=
  56. Cleric Tank looking for Guild
  57. (Guardian) Returning Player looking for guild with Weekend events
  58. <Divine Fury>, 3/4 FT 1/5 EE 4/4 TotDQ experienced leadership, seeking core raiders
  59. Hello deepwooders (:
  60. Returning to Rift
  61. Jynxed is on Deepwood!
  62. fat birds
  63. <Undecided> Accepting new members Raiding 9pm-12am Server Time
  64. Onslaught Events Broken?
  65. Any EU guilds
  66. LFG: Must enjoy bad jokes and good fun . . .
  67. Lfg
  68. Returning player new to Deepwood & LF friendly, casual guild
  69. Yet another returning player
  70. New Player returning
  71. Thinking about leaving my native Eu to move here on a permanent basis.
  72. Contacting Someone Inside the Game
  73. <Demented Asylum> Casual Progression guild recruiting
  74. Good server to come back to?
  75. The Outcast Misfits
  76. LFM for HK Sat/Sun Night!
  77. Any ID PUGs happening this week?
  78. Returning Player coming back for Storm Legion
  79. Any guilds raid/group at 8pm server for Storm Legion?
  80. memorable names
  81. No Remorse of Deepwood (NR) Recruiting for mages & MORE!
  82. Harrow Transplants?
  83. New to RIFT raiding, but a top US/World player in other games!
  84. Casual, Adult guild LFM for Storm Legion!
  85. wtb lvl 20 epic staff - 250 plat
  86. =*<Decimation> Adult (21+) 11/11 HK 4/4 PF 4/8 ID LF DPS, open recruitment for XPack*
  87. <Soul Harvest> progression raiding Thurs, Sun, Mon 6pm-8:30pm PST
  88. want 100 plat?
  89. Casualcore Recruiting for SL and 4 hours a week of raids! Tues/Thurs 7-9pst.
  90. Deepwood GDKP ID
  91. <Valkyrian Descent> PvE Progression Guild
  92. Prime time 9pm-12am PST(server time) guild
  93. Covenant of the Phoenix [7/8] and [4/8] is recruiting for ID and Storm Legion
  94. Changes to Shard and Guild Recruitment forums
  95. <Alea Iacta Est> Casual, Raiding, Leveling, etc. (Also looking for Allies)
  96. Halcyon 5/11 HK Tues/Wed/Fri 6-9pm server recruiting Guardians and Defiants!
  97. <Ethereal Shadows> - Deepwood - Raid wed/sat/sun 8pm EST - 11/11 - 2/8
  98. Fate Recruiting
  99. The Defenders Guild
  100. <Valor> is recruiting for ID - good times
  101. Guardian/Defiant 20man guild - Catalyst - lookin for others for 20man progress
  102. Guardian/Defiant <Late Night Crew> 9PM Server raid times
  103. <nocturnal kin> recruiting both sides for PF/ID and aky
  104. Geared Defiant Cleric lf ROTP achievement run
  105. <Thantos Gallone Xentos> Recruiting Guardians and Defiants!
  106. ~*Helios Of Deepwood*~ Recruiting for ID Progression
  107. Cryptic Souls Recruiting
  108. Is Guild For The Fallen Dreams 'active' again in Fall for Raids ?
  109. Demented Asylum recruiting
  110. Deepwood - HK cash runs on Saturdays
  111. Guardian Renegades is recruiting to fill our raid roster
  112. Any PVP Guilds on Deepwood Guardian
  113. [Guardian] SMA (4/8 ID) looking for cool/mature full-time and part-time raiders.
  114. Deepwood Raid Progression & Guild Directory
  115. LF ID guild, am cleric
  116. In memoriam of Scartoon, AKA- Robert C. Stoen
  117. Aww Yaa Productions
  118. Looking for a Server to transfer to
  119. Another new guy
  120. LF marriage, OP warrior (7/10 on the sexy list)
  121. Looking for a morning raiding guild.
  122. LF HK/RoTP Guild
  123. [Defiant] DeepWood - <Nirvana> 6pm Server raiding guild
  124. Aldy/Revive/Scheme's 11/11 HK GDKP Friday 13th
  125. Trading Infernal Phylactery for Crystallized Soul
  126. PvP group today
  127. <We Like Pie> 11/11 HK 5/8 ID LFM
  128. HK/ID Group Looking for a new home
  129. Game Lock ups...
  130. Run & Gun Healing Cleric ( The Tebow To Your Pittsburg ) LF End Game
  131. New guild - we like pie - now recruiting
  132. Cleric, P23 w/ T2'ish gear looking for Guardian Guild
  133. Aldy/Revive's HK GDKP Saturday 7th
  134. Fix lag on Deepwood plz
  135. Vendetta@Deepwood 5/8: Leathys progression & Recruitment update
  136. Looking for a new home.
  137. Cant log in
  138. Looking for a few good men & women - Catalyst | Guardian
  139. <Ascendance> is recruiting! 10/11 HK
  140. Stinkpot HK 11/11 Gdkp Tuesday, June 26th @ 12pm NOON PST (Server Time)
  141. Looking for a home
  142. Mage LF Raiding Guild
  143. HK run Hosted by Virus Friday nights
  144. Starting a new Casual Raiding/Dungeon Guild
  145. Aldy/Revive's 11/11 HK GDKP Friday 22nd
  146. Looking for a new server to call home
  147. Aldy's Terrible Idea HK GDKP
  148. Late Night Crew
  149. New to server
  150. Looking for Defiant Guild
  151. GDKP ID / alt ID
  152. RoS Weeklies
  153. Bound By Blood recruiting for HK/ID
  154. Vendetta Rg1: 5/8 Leathys and Recruitment update
  155. Paying 80p for Hyro (EI) kill
  156. Guardian Mage lf casual raiding guild
  157. Looking to bring our guild to this shard
  158. Any Active Guilds in PST Zone
  159. Stinkpot HK 11/11 Gdkp Friday, June 22th @ 12pm NOON PST (Server Time)
  160. Vendetta 4/8: Recruitment open once again!
  161. Rogue ( and maybe friends) looking for Guild
  162. looking for new guild (HK/ID)
  163. Returning after 1.5 yearsish!
  164. <Bad Habit> | Deepwood | 11/11 HK 1/8 ID
  165. Kal's PugTrain now 1/8 ID!
  166. Current late night pop(post 8pm server) - Defiant
  167. No Remorse vs Maklamos the Scryer [Infernal Dawn]
  168. Looking for guild
  169. No Remorse vs Ituziel [Infernal Dawn - Defiant first]
  170. The hot new single- grug prblems too
  171. Any casual guilds out there?
  172. Defiant: any hammerknel GDKP group going this week or next week?
  173. Warboss Drak Server First [Infernal Dawn]
  174. Hired gun/dps looking to raid ID for a few weeks.
  175. So!
  176. New to shard
  177. Warrior DPS looking for raid guild.
  178. Defiant PUG HK Runs. Sponsored by No Remorse. Mondays 7pm Server.
  179. Cryptic Souls Recruiting
  180. sillest was fun, tokiedokie moving out of 30-39bracket
  181. Looking for sister guild to hunt down and kill HK bosses with
  182. LF Casual Guild
  183. Crifting thanks and appreciation
  184. My Rift Fix for the day!!!
  185. Aah hk run.
  186. WTB a raid spot for RoTP from a defiant guild
  187. Catalyst Pug Raids
  188. Lf some active people after 1am shard time
  189. Weekend HK raid
  190. 8/8 H DS WoW Player looking for a home
  191. Mage dps looking for a guild
  192. Greetings from Catalyst!
  193. Installed test patch in main Rift folder, ick, help.
  194. Guardian War & Cleric LFG
  195. LFG 50war/mage
  196. New to server, looking for guild.
  197. Server Down?
  198. Server down?
  199. Cleric Tank LF Guild [D]
  200. <Sangreal Knights> looking for rogues and warriors!
  201. New Mage looking for beginner raiding guild
  202. New to the shard, LFM Twilight's Bastion
  203. Oh Hai!
  204. Venus from Faemist
  205. Thursday night premade extravaganza
  206. Mage LF Guild for beginning raiding (Not HK rdy)
  207. oldgregor
  208. Mage LF HK raid that's starting out-ish
  209. Guild bank ninja visiting Deepwood
  210. A big thank you
  211. Looking to trade plat cross faction
  212. Deepwood Progression! V3
  213. Server Questions
  214. Defiant Naked Death Race!
  215. Mage healer lf guild
  216. Sever lag issues
  217. 2/11 HK Defiant Guild looking for DPS!
  218. Mage & Cleric couple, looking for a weekend progression raiding guild, Guardian
  219. Advice for starting player looking for community & Guild?
  220. Server Lag
  221. Just an FYI Deepwood is now a closed server - (No Transfers to Deepwood)
  222. Fresh from Millrush, Veil of Darkness (Defiant) says Hello All!
  223. Kalís Achievement Pugs
  224. Warfronts on Deepwood!
  225. Age Of Aggression of Deepwood is recruiting a Aklyios ready warrior tank...
  226. Friendly & mature geared 5/11 HK Cleric & Mage looking for a Raiding guild
  227. Defiant Seeking GDKP
  228. <Grandeur> Guardian Raiding Guild
  229. [Recruitment] Alea Iacta Est
  230. Forum mod pls move recruit threads!
  231. Lightsmasher
  232. To feed a Troll --- (Guild Recruitment Threads)
  233. Valor is recruiting
  234. Looking for the player Adie
  235. <Soul Asylum> is recruiting
  236. Transferring to Deepwood...
  237. Shards down
  238. Where's My Pony Bros At?
  239. guardians cant win ? bg Q ?
  240. Good news! Hopefully...
  241. Shard lag?
  242. New to deepwood
  243. Ownage
  244. 8 HK ready raiders looking for a new home! (4/11HK, 3/4ROTP)
  245. Looking for Defiant crafter to make Savage Blood-Forged Signet
  246. Attn Mages / Clerics Glowing tempered Orichalcum Amulet
  247. PvP Achievements
  248. Mage & Cleric Couple, Looking for active progression guild
  249. Deepwood's Progression!
  250. Getting kicked every few minutes