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  1. Hi
  2. Forced off?
  3. Harrow is going to be reserved for trial accounts from now on.
  4. Transfers to Harrow
  5. Rift Role-play Community Character Bios
  6. PvP
  7. Can players from other shards transfer to Harrow?
  8. Active Night
  9. Thursday Oct 13th in Shimmersand!
  10. Drowned Halls Saturday 10/15
  11. This server is so
  12. The Peeps o Harrow
  13. New and confused
  14. One reason Harrow isnt dead.
  15. Greetings (New to server)
  16. PVP players unite
  17. Server Starting to...
  18. Harrow is no longer a destination server
  19. To the Defiant guild that closed the Raid Fire Rift last night and let me watch
  20. Updated list of Harrow guilds.
  21. Trion should disable Gaurdian Transfers off of Harrow
  22. Joloral Ragetide Strategy
  23. New to the server
  24. So I'm brand spanking new...
  25. Slayers Update from Sunrest
  26. Condition of Harrow: Code Red
  27. Joining Harrow!
  28. RP Duelist Event
  29. Rift Summer Updates - Included WF re-groupings
  30. 1st round Ambassador Picks Revealed
  31. Transferred to sunrest
  32. Why the heck did people transfer off??
  33. I love Harrow!
  34. To everyone who's leaving Harrow - a message from Love
  35. Yet Another Farewell
  36. Slayers! Come to Sunrest Please
  37. Fairwell Harrow
  38. \+/ Cloaks, Lutes, Rain, Among Other Things
  39. Ganicus vs HB (2 badasses, 1 epic duel)
  40. Server pop
  41. Ganicus vs Paopao (How to beat a fully geared rank 6 MM as a warrior)
  42. The Dwarven Militia Recruiting
  43. July 23rd PvP Event
  44. Guardian Master Crafters
  45. Defiant Master Crafters
  46. Pyromancer macros
  47. \+/ Just Another Thief...
  48. Meeting of the Guilds [Guardian]
  49. 1.4 ptr
  50. Magitek Thumping of Omen from Sunday
  51. The Ambassador Program!
  52. Should Guardians be able to transfer off of Harrow?
  53. wtb Plaque of the mountaineer
  54. Faction Swap
  55. The Illuminati are looking for a new home
  56. Why more people need to use the LFD tool
  57. Harrow
  58. Harrow Gaurdian population is growing!
  59. WTB Implacable Steel Greaves
  60. Happy 4th!
  61. Harrow Guardian pop is in a death spiral
  62. @ Annalea and Kataya
  63. looking for a level 30 or 18 pvp army
  64. IS this guy -REALLY- on Harrow?
  65. World pvp
  66. Guilds on Harrow -- Both sides -- Give me the low down!
  67. Who dun it?
  68. Is Harrow better than Sunrest?
  69. Basic PvE Definitions, Concepts and Strategies
  70. Looking for low level pre-mades both sides.
  71. Good to be back
  72. Greetings!
  73. Toxic would like to welcome all transfers and newcomers in general to Harrow
  74. OPEN RP EVENT: (2 July 2011)
  75. Harrow Guardian Population
  76. Defiant Warriors
  77. Thanks Trion for killing guardians on Harrow
  78. Goodbye Harrow (I'll miss some of you)
  79. Harrow #1 pvp and rp transfer server!
  80. Anyone else having Trouble connecting
  81. Moving To Other Server? Or Stay
  82. RIFT 1.3 AddOns?
  83. The (un)Official Harrow Transfer FAQ
  84. Welcome to Harrow Transfers!
  85. Shard first transfer achievement?
  86. Hi guys. im looking to transfer to harrow guardian. few questions please
  87. Server transfer
  88. No more qq about population balance
  89. Gaurdians non existent?
  90. Sacred Fire is hosting a Scavenger Hunt! (D)
  91. The Most Annoying Problem With The Rift UI, IMO.
  92. free cookies and kittens!
  93. @Kithsa Hunters
  94. Hubert still missing
  95. RP? Join the RP Channel
  96. Okay... wow.
  97. My name is Skumbag, and i come in peace
  98. New Rift player, seasoned MMO player, looking for home
  99. For Synergy as per our discussion (spiro)
  100. Coffee
  101. Storytelling Gathering: RP Event
  102. @Defiant: Defense Channel
  103. Dalla MaDBrO?
  104. Congratulations to Aus for being a dum ***
  105. @Defiant Harrow PvP
  106. Scumbag's Official 2011 Dwarf Toss
  107. @ Bads who cry when they lose to me in duels
  108. Music
  109. My Sister thanks you!
  110. @Eustis & Hyaline - Defiants
  111. New Shards in our WF Group
  112. Psycology behind imposter female players
  113. So bored during this patch
  114. Do you want to be my friend, too?
  115. How many ways have you died?
  116. Shard First Kill of Plutonis
  117. healy bardness looking for warfront groups(guardian)
  118. @Harrow PvPers.
  119. Guardians, this is how we boogy
  120. Guild hosting question
  121. Worst Warfront Ever
  122. @Nerus from Nevermore
  123. Guardians
  124. The Lovin' sound of PvP
  125. the end of bartles
  126. Free Server Transers...
  127. WFs... why does the opposing side see the stats of the other side?
  128. A Call to Arms (PVP-RP)
  129. How active is Harrow?
  130. Some RP Lore/Timeline/Naming Info!
  131. A prayer for Brocliff
  132. Port of Scion
  133. @ the guardians outside of meridian wed 5/18/2011 at 3:00pm exactly
  134. Defiants and Warfronts!
  135. @ the large group of guardians outside meridian Wednesday morning
  136. Guide to Beginner Role Players
  137. Flag up!
  138. Cross Faction Currency trade
  139. Hi, do you enjoy pvp? where can we all hang out?
  140. Slayers @ Meridian
  141. Dueling Club | May 16
  142. I posted this on Briarcliff, thoughts
  143. Champion PvP brings you a contest
  144. Hate??
  145. whats the population balance like?
  146. Next level hating maneuver
  147. @taugrim
  148. Any VeCo'ers on Harrow?
  149. Serious PvP guilds needed...
  150. Bloopers
  151. @ Harrow
  152. Kotd is at war
  153. Where were you the day Greenscale was Killed?
  154. 1.2 Soul Calculator?
  155. The Official Flame Thread
  156. Hello Harrow
  157. To Kill or Not To Kill? Your Thoughts
  158. An Official Review!
  159. Who are you in RL?
  160. Off the Wall Spec
  161. General questions from a new player
  162. People crying about OP
  163. Warrior Tanking Tips
  164. Rawr
  165. Have NPCs/Guards been buffed?
  166. He guys made a forum account.
  167. Trion removing some naming rules from RP servers
  168. @Dynamo, Eug, and Aarus
  169. (D) Fleshreaper
  170. Ffffffff-
  171. Lady Luck
  172. How is the RP here?
  173. the mad skill
  174. @Walmarto
  175. Am I too late to PvP-RP?
  176. The Big Question
  177. 1.2 Patch Update
  178. Grakk
  179. ~Something of Major Importance~
  180. LF a Late Night or Day Time Defiant Guild
  181. FortyFive's Art Gallery
  182. To Helios:
  183. so... Whats all the hubba bubba about OP
  184. Sovrin and Takini take on the Duke!
  185. LF Dark Iron Helm
  186. Podcasts! F/Emerson, Taugrim and Sovrin
  187. Your Character's Theme Song!
  188. Gloomwood
  189. how active is our server at the end game ( defiant side )
  190. [RP] *a parchment hangs, stampted with Reiter's Seal*
  191. Guardian Runecrafters +74 valor to chest?
  192. Sin TV
  193. Women and Gaming
  194. RP Meet -n- Greet: Sat. April 30th
  195. The Wishing Tree
  196. where is the Harrow RP
  197. @sloan @sloan @sloan
  198. The Fortune Teller (Open RP)
  199. @Jeanirenicus, @Shadey in Stillmoor
  200. LF RP-PvP Guilds (Both Factions)
  201. Looking for Weaponcrafter to make Fleshreaper Axe (Defiant)
  202. Idea for player run bounty system (Plz no name/shame)
  203. When is it the Weekend?
  204. Raid Guild - Defiant
  205. Podcasts - I do them
  206. My PoV on the River of Souls event phase 2 and 3!!
  207. Warmasters
  208. Re roll?
  209. Good deal on the event.
  210. I realized something about Briarcliff while looking at forum activity across shards
  211. How do I break the ice? (for RP)
  212. RP happens calmly sometimes
  213. The River of Souls
  214. Guilds on our server---Guardian Side
  215. World Event Fail, Trion that was terrible.
  216. WTH? I got a 25 minute login queue. Some of you need to go outside for a bit
  217. PvP Survival Guide?
  218. Chupacabra's
  219. So why so many Defiant players in Stillmoor last 2 nights?
  220. Defiant warriors! Lets get a warrior chat channel going!
  221. 'Non-'PvP Random Encounters
  222. @ whining about ganking by higher-level players
  223. So, I tried to bring an RP guild here...
  224. Where in the world is Nazas?
  225. "Disconnected from server. Press OK to reconnect, or Cancel to exit."
  226. The day Hylas died
  227. Random Acts of RPness
  228. Who was it that we ninja'd Baron Krevic from?
  229. What is it about Stillmoor..
  230. Buying Collection Items!
  231. New Harrow Steam group! Even if you didn't buy Rift through Steam!
  232. So, you want to RP huh?
  233. Premium RP Servers
  234. 1400 Ping?
  235. A Silver Letter in Sanctum
  236. Guardian Side: Casual RP, Heavy PvP Guild Recruiting
  237. I am all that is man.
  238. @50s who want to fight in Stillmoor (World PVP / duels)
  239. LOOKING FOR PLAYERS - Organized Instancing
  240. Harrow Wiki
  241. Hello Harrow. My Name Is Pallytime And I Make Videos.
  242. Harrow a High Population Server?
  243. @Taugrim
  244. [Crafting][Guardian] Weight of the World
  245. 25 plat on Harrow for 25 play on Briarcliff
  246. More pvp!
  247. Anybody reroll to a higher pop server?
  248. WorldEventTracker - For all your Massive Invasion needs!
  249. Who needs runes?
  250. Hi Harrow