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  1. <Order of the Risen> is now recruiting!! (PVE-PVP)
  2. Tempest Wolves PvP/Raiding Guild 8/11 HK
  3. <Tears of Heaven> - ( RP-PvE-PvP)
  4. Calling all Defiant! <plays for fun> is recruiting!
  5. <Judgment> Recruiting for HK Raiding!
  6. <The Pen is Mightier> We're sittin' on a gold mine, and you could be too!
  7. <Serious Business> recruiting for high-end raiding.
  8. ~Waiting on Diablo~ Sunrest (PvP) 7/11 Hammerknell is opening recruitment!
  9. Tempest Wolves - Sunrest Server - PvP + 1/10 HK Recruiting
  10. Are you fearful for the release of Star Wars?
  11. <Static> Offers you to Raid Saterday and Sunday
  12. <Rank Eight>
  13. <Static> 9/9 and HK bound now open enrolement
  14. Cabal of the Three Sisters is recruiting!
  15. Redemption [Sunrest][raiding guild]
  16. Elders of "Permadeath"
  17. <Dead Guardian Productions, LLC> Recruiting all classes
  18. Last Defiance is forming
  19. Overnight (Oceanic) activity
  20. < Pain > pvp guild Recruiting
  21. [EMPIRE] Recruiting!
  22. <Dark Angels> is recruiting!
  23. < The Illuminati > Seeks to grow it's WF's/PvP in-light of the recent 1.4 changes..
  24. Temperance, Recruiting Raiders!
  25. <Moriken> LFM !
  26. <Harmless> Recruiting
  27. <Sacred Fire> A Trifecta Order (RP/PvE/PvP)
  28. Brigade of the Red Blade
  29. <Brethren of Telara> - newly transferred! Looking for new members, friends, alliances
  30. Interested in finding out
  31. <Chrome> is recruiting! Casual guild with group play emphasis. (PVE and PVP).
  32. Old WoW Player LF a guild
  33. Former Warhammer player LFG
  34. <Blast Corps> Hardcore PvP Recruiting
  35. <Conquest of Sunrest> is Recruiting
  36. Defiant Tank Resume - Looking For Guild!
  37. The Illuminati - Sunrest - Recruiting Warrior Tanks for Raiding and PVP - Defiant
  38. Perpetuus Mos is looking for mature adults to enjoy Rift with.
  39. <Incriminate> New Xfer 5/5 4/4 3/5 Raiding Guild Needs more.
  40. <Fluxion> Recruiting for Hardcore PvP
  41. So I'm looking for a DPS warrior...
  42. Ruined 13/13 wants you!
  43. Any East Coast raiding guild
  44. <Aes Sedai> on Sunrest RP/PVP/Casual-to-hardcore recruiting
  45. The Illuminati are looking for new members. (40+)
  46. <UpVote> is recruiting
  47. Pax Illuminatus
  48. "Conquest" recruiting
  49. iRaid is Recruiting-All raid focused players.
  50. The Black Company - mature PvP / PvE guild
  51. Hail the EMPIRE SUNREST
  52. -Echelon of the Storm- The Cosmic Reavers Call.
  53. <Judgment> is Looking for Mature PVP/PVE Players!
  54. Tempest Wolves is looking for members.
  55. Foes Watch raiding guild looking for dedicated players
  56. <Rift Raiders> Looking for raid members and more!
  57. DragonMyst Keep Recruiting (Defiant)
  58. <A Fistful of Planarite> RP-friendly, experienced PvP and raid
  59. Would you like a lvl 27 mage?
  60. Moriken Raiding Recruitment
  61. The Esoteric Order
  62. LFG Lvl 50 sab/ranger/mark and master outfitter / runecrafter
  63. ExileD-Defiant raiding
  64. 'Looking for guild'
  65. yes indeed... it's fun time!
  66. Looking for a guild - 41 cleric
  67. Looking for a mature guild
  68. Haven Gaming - Upcoming!
  69. <Chaos> looking for players with brains!
  70. Unrepentant: We PvP with our pants off
  71. Deathdealers guild Looking for members. Need a healer any lvl
  72. Chaotic Misfits of Sunrest recruiting all levels
  73. Acolytes Gaming Community
  74. <ExileD> Hardcore raiding
  75. A lost soul, looking to belong...
  76. The Owl Clan is in need of a fine Guild
  77. <Insomnia>
  78. < Moriken > is Recruiting for Raiders and Rifters
  79. Any Australian guilds?
  80. Think you got what it takes to land a big fish?
  81. <Scarlet Vanguard> (Rp-PvP-PvE) is recruiting!
  82. Foe's Watch (Rank 7 PvP/Raiding Guild)
  83. <Rift Your Face Off> Recruiting
  84. <One Soul> Pure PvP Guild
  85. Calling all Defiant guilds! Calling all Defiant guilds! this Sunday
  86. <Death's Embrace> is recruiting friendly levelers to spread death and destruction.
  87. <Vox Novus> Recruiting!
  88. <Soulstream Vanguard> is RECRUITING (RP/Leveling)!
  89. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  90. Fancy Hat Brigade [PvE / PvP]
  91. The Veil(RP, Raiding/PvP)
  92. <Shadow Gypsies> Defiant - Sunrest
  93. <Cabal of the Three Sisters>
  94. looking for a guild
  95. Foe's Watch (PvP and Raid focused; established guild seeking mature players)
  96. LF well rounded defiant RP guild
  97. The Man Cave Magazine looking to Sponsor RP PVP Defiant guild
  98. Looking for guild that fits my requirements
  99. Deicide - RP Lite/PvP/PvE Semi-Casual - Now Recruiting!
  100. <KORD> PvP Is Our Business V.4 *World PvP Raids, Organization, Teamwork* Apply Today!
  101. lvl 47 looking for a guild from DAOC.
  102. Fever (Defiant) - Organized, Well Established, Active
  103. 162nd Scouts and Engineering Division (RP Post)
  104. Souls and Machines
  105. <Rune> recruiting a few choice members..
  106. Calling all Defiant guilds! Calling all Defiant guilds! V.2
  107. @Acolytes
  108. Exile - Hardcore PvP and PvE Raiding (US East/Central)
  109. Black Tooth Grin (A most excellent read)
  110. <Crimson Veil> For those who dwell in the shadows.
  111. DragonMyst Keep
  112. Vox Novus is recruiting.
  113. Serenity is Recruiting!!! Raiding/PvP guild, 18+, Ventrilo
  114. Resurgence, Defiance, Never Compliance!
  115. Calling all Defiant guilds! Calling all Defiant guilds!
  116. Revelations is recruiting!
  117. <Whiskey Tango Foxtrot>
  118. May the shadows hide my intent...
  119. Group of 6 seeking guild
  120. Kelari Healter LF Guild
  121. Defiant all the way!
  122. Den of Thieves
  123. Pax Illuminatus: Celebrating 10 years as an MMO Community! RPers and PVPers wanted!
  124. Lfg
  125. The Oathsworn [Heavy RP-PvP & Raiding]
  126. Kelari Looking for EndGame/Raiding guild
  127. <The Guiding Hand> Defiant
  128. Three Players Seeking Guild
  129. looking for mature casual guild
  130. |Fever| Online Gaming Community is Looking for Rift Players!
  131. Type /join RvR for dedicated world pvp channel
  132. Tidestar is recruiting
  133. Looking for a guild, not applying for a job.
  134. <Stryker>
  135. *Legion* seeks exceptional players for progression raids!
  136. <Amazonia> - (read at your own risk)
  137. Vana'diel New 25 Guild forming
  138. Foe's Watch - PVP/PVE
  139. XSeventy One Guild Asia And Australia guild Defian (PVPRP) Sunrest Server
  140. Shattered Paradigm, a future top Defiant guild!
  141. <dreamers of gloamwood>
  142. French Guild
  143. The Black Company - mature, experienced PvP community
  144. <Technologic> is Recruiting!
  145. <Harlequin> A Mercenary Company
  146. Dark Covenant
  147. [D] EST <Epidemic> LFM Open for Recruitment for first few weeks.
  148. - Compagnie Noire -
  149. <War Seekers> PVP/RP Defiant Guild
  150. This is Acolyte Territory!!!!
  151. =/\=Argenteum.Astrum=/\=
  152. <Rift Your Face Off>
  153. <The Last Alliance> Is recruiting Members for raiding and pvp
  154. Wolves of Valhalla
  155. Carebear Conquistadors -
  156. Immortal Council - Defiant - Open to All
  157. < Meat Vendor >: Could never find a sausage this huge on Guardian side.
  158. Telara Shrugged: a Sunrest (PvP-RP) casualcore guild
  159. Sunrest Defiant Guild Listing and Recruitment Thread
  160. Through the Rift into Telara
  161. Kindred Rising is recruiting!
  162. Get used to being second defiants