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  1. <Strength of Divinity> Is Recruiting
  2. <Remnant> Recruiting HK ready players
  3. New to pvp-rp
  4. Looking For PVP/PVE Guild with helpful players ;)
  5. < Morag Tong >
  6. <Retrospective> Raid and PVP all in one place
  7. Knights of Telara
  8. Legion of Doom
  9. The Fallen
  10. Looking for a server guardian side
  11. <Forceful Entry> is recruiting for Raid Ready players!
  12. <Strength of Divinity> Is Recruiting
  13. Strength of Divinity
  14. <Church of Inglip> recruiting for core slots
  15. <Remnant> Recruiting
  16. Uncle cyril want's you....to join the tenth guard today
  17. <KoA> now recruiting for end game content.
  18. Downed Halls and/or GP PuG?
  19. R6 Rogue/T2-geared Mage looking for guild.
  20. ±Slayers±
  21. Hot Pink is recruiting heals for 7-8 grind.
  22. The Order grows in strength!
  23. < Omen > - Ice-cold pints of your favorite beer, great people, and shiny pixels.
  24. The Dwarven Militia is recruiting. 13/13 on Farm
  25. <Sacramentum> is recruiting!
  26. Divine Legionaires
  27. Age of Aggression: Sunrest - Recruiting more Raiders
  28. <Veritas> pve/pvp/non rp, great for fresh 50s and fresh raiders
  29. LFG, former WoW player, Brand new to rift
  30. <Ruined> 13/13 recruiting tank(s) / mage
  31. Level 50 Warrior Raid Tank/DPS - Cleared ROS/GSB looking to get into PVP
  32. Temperance, Recruiting raiders!
  33. <Malice>
  34. [Bad] is looking for more.
  35. Custos Ponderum (Open Recruiting)
  36. <Pain> 13/13 on farm PST guild recruiting
  37. The Sentinels - Come join a family
  38. <Original Sin> recruiting
  39. <AMAZONIA> | pvp/pve/rp | mature gaming community | Now recruiting female characters!
  40. <The Divided> is Looking for new Guardian active members.
  41. Helios - lvl 12 guild recruiting for PvE, PvP, light RP)
  42. <Retrospective> recruiting
  43. Church Of Inglip is Recruiting
  44. <Remnant> looking for end game players
  45. 50 Rogue/Veteren WoW+EQ Raider looking for any raiding guild
  46. <Esti Efiu> Endgame PvE / PvP Guild
  47. <Forceful Entry> is recruiting
  48. <Hands of Bahralt> Looking for Roleplayers and Craftsmen!
  49. What days do you raid??? Any guilds that raid on weekends?
  50. Any Guilds Raiding This Weekend?
  51. Looking for an active guild but want a relaxed atmosphere? Check us out
  52. Where is the <FRAGHAUS> recruitment thread?
  53. Deus Mortalis - Guardian Faction
  54. Guilded Prophecy 10-man Raid Group
  55. [G] 'Cerridwyn' Early Recruitment for a Respectable Core
  56. The Order of the Noble Heart is reborn in Telara!
  57. <Reborn> A Christian Gamer Rift Guild. (PvP, PvE)
  58. <Esti Efiu> LF Skilled Endgame PvE'ers and PvP'ers
  59. <The Hidden Path> just started as a leveling guild. Start at the ground floor!
  60. Guild looking to team up with another for 20 man content
  61. Any East Coast Raiding guilds out there
  62. Telara Templar - Guardian - RP Guild
  63. Our entire guild is looking to reroll Guardian side, need new server advice please!
  64. <Phoenix Ignition>
  65. <Fate of A Hero> Casual / Instances / Group Questing / Lowbie Powerleveling
  66. Pc Players - Casual & Competitive - USA & Canada
  67. West Coast Guild?
  68. Are there any guilds that are more active after 7PM PST?
  69. Tonight 8pm Est, @Esti Efiu, Jason Winter, Theory Crafters, and Contests
  70. Shield of Seraphs - Casually Hardcore Raid/PvP NA PST-EST Door's Open End-Game
  71. Veritas et Aequitas is recruiting!!! (pvp/pve/rp)
  72. 50 rogue LF guild
  73. <Infidel> is recruiting exceptional players for our Raid Team
  74. The Azure Age
  75. <Excalibur> Casual med RP, PvP, PvP
  76. 49 (2 bars from 50) Warrior LF good guild
  77. Mature Guardiuan RP Guild on Sunrest Sought
  78. <Off Topic> Recruiting! (Opening doors once more)
  79. <The Bottom Line> New GLBT Guil.
  80. Guardian Scum!
  81. LF Guild to merge into
  82. [G][NA] < Coterie > Recruiting for PvE/PvP Content!
  83. Any Hardcore PvP Guilds on Sunrest?
  84. The Order of Asmodeus
  85. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  86. The Order of Illuminati......
  87. Advent Rising recruiting mature players
  88. Looking for a guild
  89. <Esti Efiu> LF Skilled Endgame PvE'ers and PvP'ers
  90. <Persistent Allies> is recruiting (PvP, PvE, casual, fanatics, RP-lite, multi-game)
  91. 44 Warrior LF Low to Med RP guild
  92. Looking for a guild - mature, casual, couples, RP . . .
  93. Dystopsis - Casual, Light-RP, PvP, PvE
  94. <Reborn> A Christian Gamer Rift Guild. (PvP, PvE)
  95. <Evil League of Evil> (Guardian Semi-Mature PvE/PvP)
  96. <Dragonsbane> Roleplay PvP Guild
  97. what guild should i join...
  98. Knights who say Ni Hao
  99. The <Legends> Guild
  100. Eminence is recruiting!
  101. <Excalibur> - (PvP, PvE, RP)
  102. <Illuminati> Honor, Trust, Knowledge and Wisdom
  103. < Disciples Of Creed >
  104. Dissonance Rp-PvP (3rd times a charm)
  105. <Whiskey Tango Foxtrot>
  106. <Esoteric Order> is recruiting
  107. Highland Army is recruiting
  108. The Granite Guard
  109. <Vi Australis> Oceanic Based Guild
  110. Healing Hands and Saboteur Companion LF Friendly Guild :)
  111. <Epidemic> PVP focus adult guild
  112. [Black Steel Legion]
  113. 7-8 Player Crew Looking for Light/Med RP Guild
  114. <The Remnant> is opening its ranks...
  115. Honor Guard Officially On Sunrest
  116. ||Arcana|| - A guild of shining light and simplicity.
  117. Need more to form guild
  118. Tuatha Dea Social PvP, PvE, RP Friendly
  119. Black Steel Legion
  120. Always Remain Calm, PvP
  121. noxXious - The Total Game Aspect - |Casual|Social|Fun|
  122. [New Guild] NOVA GODS Now Recruiting
  123. South of Heaven
  124. The Shipwrecked Pirates weigh anchor!
  125. The Nightcrow Tribe - A LATE NIGHT GUILD
  126. Rise !
  127. Clan Ironbeard
  128. Dwarf Marksman/Saboteur seeks guild!
  129. Phoenix Ignition
  130. Shield of Seraphs [G] - Casually Hardcore, Family Friendly [NA-PST RP-Lite/PvP]
  131. XIII Legion "An Adults Only Guild"
  132. Former DAoC (specifically Mordred) players, look no further.
  133. The Sentinels Coming to Sunrest and Faeblight
  134. Persistent Allies Community is recruiting
  135. East Coast guilds?
  136. Off-Topic Guild
  137. Any late night guilds?
  138. <Ancient Ascendant> Recruiting members.
  139. [G] Fate NA PvE/PvP Semi-HC adding a few more mature players. 18+
  140. <Invictus Euphoria> RP-PvP-PvE-Raiding Semi-hardcore/Casual (Guardian)
  141. The Sundered Guard-Experienced PvP and Raiding Guild
  142. Guardian Guild Vent Information
  143. The Phoenix Guard (Guardian, Heavy RP-PVP)
  144. <Cohesion>-Guardian PVE/PVP Now Recruiting!
  145. <Off Topic> Guild recruiting! Casual working adults. :)
  146. Guardian Guild Listing
  147. Sunrest Guardian Guild Listing and Recruitment Thread
  148. <Lawn Pirates> Semi-Hardcore PvE Latenight Raiding and Golf Resort
  149. Greetings!
  150. <Souled Mates> (Guardian, RP-PVP, Sunrest, Casual Working Adults)
  151. Hello
  152. <The Guardians> - (PvP, PvE, RP)