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  1. Pandora (US Belmont - Defiant)
  2. <BottomLine> 10/11 HK lvl 18 guild Recruiting!!
  3. Toxica
  4. Ex-player looking for a home.
  5. <BottomLine> An HK Progression guild looking for more members.
  6. Looking for a new home? Check out Ecclesia
  7. <-- Reborn Destiny --> Recruitment Open for Raiders and Casuals
  8. <Pinnacle> is recruiting experienced players
  9. Lzuruha Now Recruiting
  10. Rogue-DPS/Support LF day time raiding !
  11. In Ténébris - Guild Québécoise
  12. <Black Company> is recruiting
  13. Toxica::Social/Casual Recruiting All lvls
  14. T3, R8 Rogue LF raiding Guild!
  15. Brazilian guild
  16. Extra Life Event
  17. Dark Paradigm<Estrael> is Recruiting Raid Ready Cleric Healers!
  18. <-- Reborn Destiny --> Recruitment Open for Raiders and Casuals
  19. Rouge4Guild (Casual Encounters edition)
  20. Mage looking for mature endgame guild
  21. <Black Company> is recruiting
  22. Bottom Line recruiting for core raiders
  23. <Sunder> Recruiting Casuals
  24. Hk rdy warrior dps LF guild
  25. <Alpha Legion> friendly, laid back guild- join us!
  26. <Bane> is looking for a few more
  27. Trions Embrace is new and accepting
  28. <Defiance> Casual adult guild.
  29. <Vindictive> New Raid Guild Forming
  30. Praetorian Guard is recruiting
  31. <Fall of Jericho>
  32. lvl 50 Rogue 300 crafter LF late night guild
  33. Crafting Rifts: 7pm (server time)
  34. LF PVP Guild
  35. <Void> Weekday Progression Guild - Belmont (Defiance)
  36. <Pinnacle> is recruiting experienced players
  37. <Absolute> is looking for members and small guilds that want to raid.
  38. Friends looking for Guild
  39. Raiding guild Evolution is recruiting
  40. <Dont Tread on Me>
  41. 4/4 GP 10man group looking for another
  42. <The Brat Pack>
  43. <--- Reborn Destiny ---> Recruiting Raiders
  44. PENDULUM guild recruiting
  45. <Praetorian Guard> Looking for raiders to fill ranks!
  46. Any new guilds looking for upper level characters but guild-inexperienced?
  47. <Paragon Legends>
  48. <Impaired Judgement> Looking for a few raiders
  49. Looking for late night guild
  50. Pinnacle Recruiting
  51. Hands of Fate recruiting
  52. Four looking for new guild to transfer into
  53. Newly transferred guild openly recruiting raiders!
  54. <Dragonslayer Genesis>
  55. Any Eastern or Central Timezone based Semi-Casual/Raiding Guilds Looking for More?
  56. [Belmont][Defiant] InTenebris
  57. VEXXED: New Weekend Raiding guild Coming to Belmont
  58. Casual Guild Ecclesia is Recuiting!!
  59. <Maxima Legionis> Recruiting for raiding
  60. Black Company is recruiting
  61. <Iron Rage> Casual EST Raiding Guild Seeking Quality Players!
  62. Looking for a good laid back guild
  63. Bad Company is Recruiting
  64. looking for pve guild
  65. casual player looking for alt friendly guild
  66. Semi-casual gaming couple looking ...
  67. <Void> 20 Man Progression Guild - Belmont (Defiance)
  68. Belmont Defiant Guild List
  69. Experienced Raider(WoW) Looking for Casual Raiding Guild
  70. guild for adults
  71. Ecclesia is Recruiting!
  72. GMT Plus Eight - Looking for players in our timezone
  73. Void Recruiting
  74. Recruitment On Belmont Shard <Sunder>
  75. Schenanigans Recruiting for Raiding
  76. <Lords of Rift>, Defiant Side Recruiting
  77. <Void> Guild Defiance on Belmont recruiting.
  78. Liminality
  79. Karma - Casual/Family style guild
  80. Any Guilds Ever Raid on Weekends?
  81. <Afterlife>
  82. <Sum 'n' Fierce> Recruting.
  83. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  84. Not enjoying your guild or server?
  85. The Bad Karma family wants YOU!
  86. <Rift Knights> Guild recruitment open for aussie and late night players.
  87. <Dominion Army> Casual players, Hardcore fun. Team-Centric vision.
  88. Void MAYneed you
  89. <Desolation> is recruiting!
  90. <Le Syndicat> - La guilde francophone pour vous!
  91. LF a Active/Casual Guild ;)
  92. "Defy" recruiting experienced gamers. Small guild that plans to raid late night.
  93. <Exiled> A 20-man hardcore raiding guild
  94. <Davidson County Militia> is recruiting!
  95. <Reason> is recruiting mature, friendly players!
  96. <Behemoth> is recruiting active players!
  97. [Defiant] <Behemoth> is recruiting active players!
  98. { Dark Legion } Now recruiting All players Welcome.
  99. Mature Australian based Cleric player, looking for PvE guild
  100. Geriatric Gamers Unite! <Elders of the Covenant> wants you!
  101. Destiny (Defiant) Recruiting.
  102. Destiny (Defiant) Recruiting.
  103. HOD Need You! (Mages and Clerics)
  104. {Doom} Experianced Guild Recruiting All RIFTers! =)
  105. Rift Raiders is accepting new members and taking applications.
  106. Aigis: Seeking World-Class, Experienced Hardcore Raiders
  107. LF Mature/Casual Guild
  108. Libertine - Defiant Social-Casual PVE
  109. 4 "adults" looking for guild
  110. 28 Bard LF home
  111. Iron Rage--Where Raiding Is Done Right
  112. Servants to the Machine is recruiting
  113. <Damage Incorporated> is recruiting.
  114. Lunacy - Defiant - Looking for mature players to join our ranks
  115. 3 experienced players looking for guild
  116. Damage Incorporated (Defiant) is recruiting!
  117. Looking for a Guild
  118. *Morningstar* - Multi-gaming Community
  119. <Serenity> recruiting!
  120. <Nox Aeterna>
  121. At least 4 Friends LF Defiant Guild
  122. <Syndicate> Belmont Server - PvE - Defiant - Casual Raiding
  123. Looking for a twilight hours guild?
  124. Disaster- A RL driven instance and raiding guild
  125. Harbingers of Despair
  126. The Death Bringers
  127. LFM for a <Misadventure>!
  128. Anthem [Defiant] Semi-hardcore EST raiding
  129. Abyss - Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild
  130. Brain control is better than mind control because the brain tells the mind what to do
  131. Black Company
  132. Heretic: A Defiant guild on Belmont, seeking mature players
  133. <Lords of Rift>
  134. Late Knights
  135. <Department of Rift Corrections> Recruiting
  136. Sunder - a Defiant PvE guild.
  137. The Death Bringers
  138. Lotus Cross - Hardcore/Casual Friendly
  139. Shroud Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild Recruiting
  140. Dragon Syndicate - Defiant - Accepting New Members
  141. Dragon Syndicate - Defiant - Accepting New Members