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  1. The Aftermath is recruiting raiders
  2. Lets go out with a party!
  3. <Banished from Stormwind> Recruiting
  4. <Unknown Chaos> Starting HK
  5. <Order of Shadow> 10/11 Belmont(PvE) Recruiting
  6. Prophecy is Recruiting.
  7. Tank and Heals LF Raiding Guild
  8. HK rdy Mage looking for Raiding guild
  9. Rogue + Mage looking for srs bsnss raid guild.
  10. Epic Problem Level 15 Guardian Guild is Recruiting
  11. LF weekend raid/progression guild
  12. <Guardians of Destiny> is Recruiting
  13. Looking For Raiding Guild
  14. <Order of Shadow> HK 3/11 is recruiting!
  15. Mage HK ready looking for weekends raid guild or early raids guild.
  16. "The Guardian Mafia" is enlisting Associates
  17. New Player Looking For Guild :D
  18. <and Two Stealth Rogues> is recruiting!
  19. New Player looking for guild
  20. Myth is Now Recruiting!
  21. Order of Shadow Recruiting!
  22. <Affinity> is currently recruiting HK ready for Belmont
  23. <Scary Latin Name> on Belmont Could Be Your Guild
  24. Affinity recruiting all classes for Hammerknell progression
  25. Exp raiders LF active and casual raiding guild
  26. Echoes of Valor - Recruiting
  27. Support Mage Looking for Guild
  28. Prophecy is currently recruiting...
  29. Nightfall -- New guild formed and recruiting all players
  30. O.C.D is recruiting
  31. T1 Geared Level 50 DPS Warrior Looking for Guild
  32. 2 Good players looking for a home!!
  33. Affinity opening recruitment to DPS/Tank Warriors
  34. Single Target Healer LF EST/CST Raiding Guild.
  35. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  36. Alliance of the Griffin is Recruiting Raiders
  37. Freelancers Recruiting - Belmont Guardian Guild
  38. NEW Belmont Guardian Guild List
  39. Belmont Guardian Guild List
  40. Guardian <Twisted Fate>
  41. MOB- Casual guild with Hardcore raiding
  42. Group of Friends looking for new home 4-6 Players
  43. Looking for casual guild
  44. 50 Warrior Tank - Looking For 3 to 4 Days Raiding Guild (Guardian)
  45. Twisted Fate is recruiting.
  46. Eternal IRON, guardian raiding guild.
  47. <Sanctuary> is now Recruiting
  48. Alliance of the Griffin is Recruiting Raiders
  49. Myth is Now Recruiting!
  50. Prophecy of Belmont - Recruiting Raiders
  51. looking for a social guild
  52. Looking for a guild....
  53. Belmont Guardian Guild List
  54. Vindication
  55. LF guardian oceanic guild!
  56. <Viaticus> recruiting for end game content
  57. Pacific Storm Templars - PST Guild Looking for Members
  58. Sanctuary
  59. Order of Shadow - Opening Recruitment
  60. <Guardian of Destiny> Are now Recruiting for end game content
  61. <Take Notes> recruting for end-game content.
  62. < Violence INC > is looking for members!!! (SOCIAL/LEVELING GUILD. ADULTS ONLY.)
  63. Eternal IRON is looking for a few good men and women! (guardian guild)
  64. Vindication
  65. Alliance of the Griffin is now recruiting on a limited basis.
  66. Looking for a Tank and Healer
  67. Nox Arcana is now recruiting
  68. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  69. ***Affinity Opens Recruitment For 2 Clerics!***
  70. SectionV seeking new Agents...
  71. <Divine Trust> Christian ran guild is recruiting
  72. Pvpbd
  73. The Imperium of LaZy Nation
  74. Tank/Heal cleric looking for guild
  75. Servants to the Secret Fire
  76. Late Night guilds?
  77. Bloodlines -- Friendly Casual Guild
  78. Looking for a Pacific Time Zone based guild
  79. LF oceanic guild to join
  80. <Tiger Blood> Leveling/Casual Raiding Guild
  81. Casual / Core Ex WoW Looking for Guild
  82. Casual mature guild looking for members.
  83. Casual gamer looking for guild
  84. Adult Swim - Adult's Only PVE Guild Wants you!
  85. DemiGodz Looking for CST players
  86. Band of the Hawk (Guardians) is looking for members
  87. Paradox
  88. Guardians of Destiny Recruiting
  89. Sanctuary is recruiting. 18 and older EST guild.
  90. Servants to the Machine is recruiting
  91. -+ Lobster Rage Fist +- Rift Raiding, HC End-Game Guardian Guild (EST)
  92. <G> Meta Redux is Recruiting
  93. Knights of the Brotherhood Recruiting all levels mature guild needs member's
  94. Runic Raiders
  95. The Last Refuge - EST is looking for more "mature"members.
  96. Meta Redux
  97. Beta Junkies
  98. Belmont Guardian Guild List (Old)
  99. EST Server?
  100. Dawn Hammer
  101. Looking for solid Guardian Guild.
  102. Infamy
  103. Eternal IRON is coming to Belmont
  104. Destiny
  105. Kore
  106. Group of 3 seeks mature guild with PvE focus in cst or pst timezone
  107. Unrivaled Unity
  108. Viaticus
  109. Victorious secret
  110. Myth
  111. Element Zero - Mature Gaming with focus for end-game
  112. Ascension
  113. Eternity