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  1. Cestus Dei | Old school progression raiding
  2. Legend recruiting, and E.S.T. timezone guild
  3. Flux Capacity recruiting members :)
  4. Cleric LF Helpful Levelling/Casual Raiding Guild
  5. <Immortal Fury> 1/11 HK is Looking for Dedicated Raiders!
  6. 50 Mage-HK Ready
  7. Congrats Enigma on 10/11
  8. <Nemesis> Looking for players!
  9. <Dawn of Darkness> looking for more!
  10. <Insomnia> is looking for active raiders
  11. <Cerberus Offensive> Lvl 12 guild is recruiting
  12. <Vallis Aspectus> recruiting
  13. Manufactured Legend Open Recruitment.
  14. Defiant RP Guild
  15. <Highwaymen> say hi!
  16. War Machine (Lvl 8 Guild) Looking for Late Night and Casual
  17. <Entropy> Defiant guild recruiting raid interested players - PST (8+) based
  18. Rift-Raff: Small, Casual & Fun!
  19. Looking for evening casual raiding guild
  20. Cestus Dei recruitment (3 raids/week)
  21. <Cerberus Offensive> Lvl 8 Guild looking to recruit active players of all lvl's
  22. <Cerberus Offensive> Lvl 8 Guild looking to recruit active players of all lvl's
  23. Immortal Fury needs Mage Class Leader
  24. A new guild called Riftbreakers
  25. Looking for people that want to rp
  26. Mage and Warrior Looking for new home.
  27. New to game, Defiant Warrior seeks guild.
  28. <The Wayfarers> recruiting mercenaries and able bodies (RP guild)
  29. Old Gamer lf late night play/ raiding
  30. Enigma - Raiding Guild
  31. Dark Clan Warriors - Now Recruiting
  32. Dominion Looking for more
  33. <Dawn Of Darkness> Is looking for Mature players for all aspects of RIFT!
  34. Any crafting-friendly guilds recruiting?
  35. Two seeking a guild -PvE-PvP-Raids-Rifts-Crafting- and YES, some RP-as appropriate-
  36. The <Cerberus Offensive> Is Now Recruiting!
  37. Can't sleep? Join us in Insomnia!
  38. A Lannister always pays his debts (LFG - cleric)
  39. Are there any PST RP guilds on this server?
  40. looking for Guild for t1/t2 etc
  41. The Old Guard Casual/LightRP
  42. 5 mature friends looking for Raiding Guild on new Shard (PST)
  43. Black Guard is recruiting
  44. Immortal Fury - Progression Raiding Guild
  45. Endless Nights is recruiting
  46. Havok is looking for Raiders within and outside of the guild
  47. Silent Strike - Adult Casual Guild - EST/CST
  48. Vallis Aspectus Raid Guild
  49. Any small guilds/individuals looking to tackle end game content?
  50. <Dawn of Darkness> is looking for more players
  51. Silver Dawn is Recruiting
  52. Any Eastern or Central Timezone based Semi-Casual/Raiding Guilds Looking for More?
  53. Substance now recruiting
  54. Eiros - LF Medium RP - End Game Guild
  55. immortal fury wants u
  56. Flux Capacity Recruiting 18 y/o+ and Currently building 20 man raid group!
  57. Cestus Dei is looking for Raiders
  58. Quantum Force Is starting Tryouts for Raiding.
  59. Steadfast seeks Heroes
  60. Character Transfer to Estrael? <Silent Epidemic> - Vent-Free guild
  61. Shadow Hunters Society
  62. Any PVP centric guilds on Shadefallen?
  63. <The Enclave> mature multi-game guild recruiting.
  64. <Papa Bear's Escort Service>
  65. Carpe Vinum still scouting for fresh faces!
  66. <Maniacal Havoc> is recruiting souls of all callings and levels!
  67. Eyes of the Faceless Man, a guild for serious rpers
  68. Dominion is looking for friends
  69. <Plan B> is recruiting!
  70. <Avalon> Looking for exceptional players!
  71. <The Shadow Syndicate>
  72. Heaven and Earth is Recruiting.
  73. <The Black Consortium>
  74. <Fate By Blood> - PVE, PVP, and casual RP(Story-Themed)
  75. <Eye of the Manastorm>: Casual but end-game oriented
  76. Havok is recruiting
  77. Death Dealers: GMT+10 to GMT+8 Guild
  78. Any active guild around 5am server time
  79. Synergy Needs Players for our April 23 GSB Raid (12-4pm)!!!
  80. Aussie Defiants and Co.
  81. <Maniacal Havoc> Recruiting Souls of all callings and levels
  82. Immortal Fury - Raiding Guild Recruitment Now Open!
  83. Bahmi guild project
  84. <Echoes of Telara> Officially recruiting!
  85. <The Ascended> is looking to expand it's family.
  86. <Steadfast> looks to grow its family!
  87. Lonely defiant mage seeking guild~
  88. Synergy is Recruiting!!
  89. <Bleed By Example> PVE Guild Looking for New Members!
  90. <Bleed By Example> PVE Guild Looking for New Members!
  91. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  92. <Ambition>, a guild
  93. The Black Guard heavy RP guild forming!
  94. The Guardians of Honor (GoH) - it's about the journey
  95. <The Enclave> is looking for more players to fill in our ranks
  96. <Expendable> - We're all out of gum...
  97. < Carpe Vinum > - Mature (18+) PvE Guild [Mountain/Pacific based]
  98. Elite Meridian Guard (EMG) is now Recruiting
  99. <Oakwright> is recruiting!
  100. <Silent Strike> Adult Casual Guild - CST
  101. Fury of the Northern Winds
  102. <Valiance> Looking for more cool cats
  103. Bonehunters
  104. the Machine is recruiting
  105. Honor Amongst is looking for...
  106. < Reign Storm > a social-raiding guild for adults
  107. <Night Watch> A late night / Oceanic guild
  108. <Explicit> LF - Exceptional people!
  109. LoSt InVicTus - A Strong RP Guild
  110. <Coherence> now recruiting!
  111. < Immortal Fury > Relaxed - Raiding Guild
  112. <Sovereign> the heavy RP guild now recruiting.
  113. <The Enclave> mature multi-game guild recruiting.
  114. The Tempest Guard
  115. Enlightened Union would love to have you join us!
  116. 'Court of Thieves' RP Guild now actively Recruiting
  117. <Memento Mori> Recruiting
  118. <Gravy> is recruiting
  119. Never Give Up!
  120. Enigma - Raiding Guild
  121. Dominion
  122. Crimson Wing -- PvE/Raid/RP/PvP/Rift Busting
  123. Fluffy Bunnies....no really!
  124. Defiant Guild List
  125. Flux Capacity now recruiting (18y/o+)
  126. Riftless