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  1. The Phoenix Guard (RP)--Reopened Recruitment!
  2. 50 Healing cleric
  3. <Order of Insanity> Recruiting
  4. <Haven> has a great base, be part of it!
  5. Lasmuigh De Na Crosse - Guardian Recruiting
  6. Looking for Guild....
  7. Ascendant Vigilance seeks fresh recruits. (Heavy RP, Leveling, Experts)
  8. Lords of Czar guild transferring to shadefallen
  9. SOUL is now recuiting!
  10. Researching Guild Prospects (Girlfriend/Boyfriend Team)
  11. <Guardians of the Crusade>
  12. <Reborn> on Shadefallen
  13. 50 Cleric Looking for a very casual, mature guild (EST)
  14. looking to raid around 7-12 server time.
  15. New player looking for Heavy RP guild.
  16. Husband and wife team looking for a new home.
  17. Storm of Pain is looking for more friends.
  18. Redefine "casual"! Join <Nephandi>!
  19. <Dust> - Light RP/Leveling
  20. Daytime raiding guilds you should...
  21. Legion of the White Rose - EST Guild looking to raid
  22. want to raid 11am-2pm EST? Join us!
  23. The Hanging Willow Mercenaries
  24. The Phoenix Guard (Med/Heavy RP)
  25. Join the family: House Thrillharlets
  26. Discordians of POEE (Level 4) is Recruiting
  27. Ascended of Corthana is recruiting
  28. Among the Ruins: Telara's Front Against Destruction
  29. <Zenith Warriors> West Coast guild looking for a few good people
  30. <Shadow Inc> wants you!
  31. <Mutiny> Shatterbone PvE West Coast Guild
  32. LF a guild
  33. PVE tank LFGuild
  34. New OutRiders is looking to expand its ranks
  35. Looking for 8-9 server time raid guild
  36. The Ascendant Vigilance is looking for Devout and Willing Ascended
  37. SL&F is now on the interweb! Young whipper-snappers beware!
  38. <United Separatist> Open recruitment for raids
  39. The Blades of Silver wants YOU! (Heavy RP)
  40. Haven looking to expand
  41. <Shadow Inc> is recruiting!
  42. LF A good tight knit guild.
  43. Looking for RP Appretice to Master type relationship
  44. Greetings Shadefallen! Group of 5 friends seeking a new home.
  45. Telara's Finest
  46. Dark Covenant
  47. New - looking for guild - older folks - minimla use of voice preferred
  48. Pipe Hitters Union looking for more
  49. <It's a Wipe>
  50. <Souls of Legend>
  51. <Guardians of the Vigil> Casual, Medium RP Guild
  52. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  53. {War Is My Shepherd}
  54. <Cult of the Ascended> iRP/PVE guild recruiting!
  55. <United Separatists> [Guardians]
  56. Kings Destroyers Guild Recruiting!!
  57. Looking to join a guild!
  58. LF non-bureaucratic heavy RP
  59. <Armoured Hearts> Seeking the Best Members
  60. <Eclipse> wants you! [Guardian Guild]
  61. <The Ascended> Guardian guild is recruiting
  62. Sealing Rifts, Keeping Telara Safe...Torchwood (RP Lite- LF Maturity and Diversity)
  63. <Insidia> LF members for Warfronts/Rifts/Raids/Instances
  64. Looking for an Active RP/Level/Quest/PVP guild
  65. Looking for a guild on an RP server that doesn't focus on RP?
  66. Lone Wolf (no Drama guild)
  67. Ancient Guard - Recruiting
  68. Ex Fide Fiducia
  69. Veni Vidi Dormivi
  70. Angels of Death
  71. <Twilight Brigade> (Heavy RP/Rifting/Questing/Raiding)
  72. Grow into the Abyss with the Shadow Council - open invitation, close knit, versatile
  73. Scottys Lost and Found
  74. House Argent Fist - just a bunch of gaming SCAdians
  75. Greetings from the Hammer of the Vigil!
  76. (G) Against All Odds - Recruiting
  77. <Reborn>
  78. Ascendant Vigilance
  79. Rift Walkers
  80. Legion of the White Rose
  81. Pacta Sunt Servanda - You're gonna love my nuts!
  82. Lion Legion
  83. The Crimson Wing -- PvE/Raid/RP/PvP/Rift Busting
  84. <Caedas>
  85. Guardian Guild List
  86. <Kings Destroyers>
  87. Warriors of the Flame is recruiting