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  1. <Guardian> Guild of SUN is looking for a few skilled members (server: Whitefall)
  2. [Blightweald (PvE)] <New Chapter> GP/DH/GSB/ROS cleared, LFM!
  3. Retribution is Recruiting
  4. WeaKSauCe looks for you !
  5. <Eternium>, a community, not a guild.
  6. Redrum Inc opened the shop
  7. Fusion is recruiting one Cleric (druid)
  8. "Sapped Girls Can't Say No" is recruiting PvPers
  9. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  10. WeaKSauCe is recruiting!
  11. Embrace looking for Swedish speaking players,
  12. Boon Control's Recruitment Thread
  13. [RU] Exodus PvE/PvP Guild
  14. [ G ] < MVP > Hardcore PVP Guild. English speaking
  15. [Get in the Van] PvPvE (Dutch, English) centered Guild
  16. Catch My Drift
  17. Pax Mortis , we rule.
  18. [EU] Chosen Alliance is recruiting!
  19. [Ars Mortis] - polska gildia
  20. Consortium Guild
  21. <VANQUISH> EU Cloudborne Guardians
  22. Bad news.