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  1. <The Brethren> *guild on Molinar server* Looking for raiding mages or "any" casuals
  2. Looking for a home
  3. <Nephilim> 5/5 ROS & 5/5 GSB, Recruiting for Hammerknell Fortress 20man!
  4. 8 GUARDIAN players looking to transfer from a PVE to PVP server.......
  5. Nephilim Recruiting Active Players for PVE/PVP
  6. <Revolt> Is looking t recruit active people ! For the funs !
  7. Do You Want Organized World PvP? Join Us!!
  8. <Legit Guild> - any and all, baby.
  9. Anbri- #1 Snarebrush Free Agent
  10. Omerta!!!
  11. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  12. <Defiant Homeland Insecurity> primarily PvP, world included
  13. <X>
  14. Treason, PvP guild recruiting players.
  15. <Fallen Legion> recruiting
  16. Untrustworthy player alert
  17. Garbage men of snarebrush
  18. Queens And Kings recruiting
  19. The Unforgiven
  20. <Heroes of Time> is recruiting mature players!
  21. <Invictus>
  22. <I Play Without Pants On>
  23. [G] <I Play Without Pants On> Recruiting
  24. <Silent Assassins> PvP Oriented Guild PvE for support classes.
  25. <PvP is Scary but PvE is Cute> Is Looking for more (End game and PvP guild)
  26. <Dixon Cider> Recruiting!
  27. Basement Athletes> US PVP Server Snarebrush (Guardian) is recruiting! Hardcore PvE
  28. Join The Eternal
  29. Rock You Like Jfox is looking for more.
  30. Knights of Sanctum: Recruiting.