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  1. <Learn To Play> Freeholme Guild!
  2. Looking for a home
  3. <Goes Down Easy>
  4. <Last Alliance of Telara> is Recruiting
  5. ((**Catalyst**)) Top Guardian Guild on Shard Recruiting!!!
  6. <OSD> new, intelligent and full of awesomesauce!
  7. attention small guilds.
  8. Laying it Down
  9. Divine Retribution seeks T2 gear players
  10. NEMESIS Looking for More
  11. Official Looking For Guild Thread
  12. <Last Alliance of Telara> is Recruiting
  13. Legacy, recruiting for end game PvP
  14. <Nebulous> is recruiting for end game content
  15. Guild Status & Updates
  16. LF serious PvP guild
  17. Divine Knights are recruiting! Check us out, you'll be glad you did.
  18. <Special Blend>
  19. Guild Leader/Officer Name Listings
  20. Catalyst
  21. Blood of the Ascended ~~Social, PvP & PvE Guild,
  22. <Red Rum Syndicate>
  23. HatersGonnaHate
  24. Hardcore PVP'er looking for a PVP guild
  25. <The Sword of Destiny> Now Recruiting!
  26. <Viral> Latenight/oceanic guild 9PM onwards playerbase
  27. -= SancTuarY of Wanderhome =- Join us now!
  28. Looks Matter - PvP Guild (1999)
  29. Reign Of justice
  30. Omerta is recruiting!
  31. Nightstalkers
  32. Please delete this thread...
  33. <Basement Athletes> US PVP Server Spites (Guardian) is recruiting! Hardcore PvE guild
  34. Lunchbox Bandits - 18+ Drunken PVP
  35. Run Like Hell
  36. <Goes Down Easy>
  37. <Nebulous> makes Spitescar home!
  38. The Den of Madness escapes to Spitescar!
  39. ->That Just Happened<-