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    Contraption parts Visible yet?

    Hello everyone, since people are now logging into rift, does this mean that the Seeker challenge is available and the contraption parts are now visible? Or have they not released them yet? I figured...
  2. [Faeblight] New Casual Pirate Guild Looking for more! Ahoy Mateys

    hello all....*cough* Ahoy mateys this be yer fellow rift player seeking more to join our guild here called <Scurvy Dawgs> Were a small, lvl 4 guild in need of more active players to do a bit of...
  3. Intrepid Adventures Bugged/Broken Same with Dungeons Ques

    Hello, everyone, there has been some bugged out things going on in rift today! Like going into Intrepid Adventures/Instant Adventures and seeing Item-pick up quests delayed or slow mob respawns! As...
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    Carnival Lights dimension item error?

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if I'm the only one having issues with the lighting quality of the carnival lights but whenever I place them they won't light up! I currently put a Harvest Autumn...
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    Missing Carnival Masks

    Hello everyone! Apparently, during the 1st week of the Carnival Event, there were 2 special masks in the rift store one is known as the Mask of The Firebird. The other one I'm not really sure what it...
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    But he got re-chat banned

    I Understand this could be a result of toxicity but Melenko got off this chat ban but got re-banned for the same thing over again that wasn't even on for the same day!
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    HEy Rough I witnessed this

    Hey rough! I messaged you before long ago hows it going!? Melenko here got chat banned couple days ago waited his chat ban got off then somehow got reported back for something that was totally not...
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    No Core drops during Parade!

    Hello all, I've been currently following the defiant parade for about 3 hours now going from Silverwood to Gloamwood with no core drops after once form giving them out! I only got 33 after I picked...
  9. If your'e in need of free dim items come here! Free Dump Dim@faeblight~Oralne

    Greetings fellow dimensioneers!

    If you are seeking free dimension items please come to "Free Dump Dim" on the faeblight shard! If you aren't on that shard please pm me in game@ Oralne@faeblight...
  10. [Faeblight] Need a place to call home join!

    Hello, all if you're new or returning and need a place to call home join us! We are currently a level 2 Faeblight guild seeking players for more involved PvE, Rp, Prof, Social etc. I'm online pretty...
  11. Thread: NA shards

    by Oralne

    Faeblight is Down!

    Welp...I keep seeing Faeblight shard available then unavailable..... I wonder whats going on I hope they'll fix or let us know whats happening!
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    Dimension Entry

    Name: Oralne
    Shard: Faeblight
    Dimension Name: Winters Byte
    Description: Has Grandfather Fae been corrupted by the greed of the Bahmi that he hasn't been acting like himself? Feel what its like to...
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    I hope more join with this project! Thank you for commenting! I added you in-game!
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    Dimension Project!Seeking Dimension Lovers

    Hello, all dimension newcomers/lovers!I'm currently seeking multiple players from any shard to come with me and build one huge public dimension together! This project will be posted in the community...
  15. Dimension Community Project!Seeking Dimension Lovers

    Hello all, I'm currently seeking new players or old players from all over to join me for a bit of dimension creativity/fun. This project will involve multiple players from all over to help one...
  16. [Faeblight] View Post

    <NewbSR'US> Is a level 3 Guild on shard Faeblight seeking newcomers/returning ones!This is a dimension based guild with rp, pve, and casual relaxation! If you like dimensions or want to get into it...
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