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  1. Yes there are alot of changes in DPS. i am just...

    Yes there are alot of changes in DPS. i am just specifically mentioning the weapon section in each attunment tree. Example raise dagger dps by .2 for each trained level, On the PTS server it now...
  2. PVP dps from planar attunment question

    Currently outside of War attunement the dps gains to a specific weapon type is .2 dps per each training (4) total for a bulb x 2 for an attunment level for a total of 1.6 dps gain. Example as a...
  3. any thoughts when new PVP upgrade will come out?

    Just wondering if the next increase to PVP gear (meaning old school) P9/P10 is in the planning or that it is still far down the road? I tried a search for P9 etc to no avail, just seeking to...
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    No more marks of retribution?? help

    Okay the 450 marks saved up was converted to favor. I have over 800k favor and unable to gain favor till i am under 150k. I have all the P8 gear, have bought before patch 53 wrath stones and 67...
  5. Seeking help with certain stats please!

    I have came back to try game and am reading forums seeking to understand some stats. (PVP rogue)

    1. What is actually meant by soft and hard cap for stats?
    2. With the release of 1.6 is there a...
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    pvp rogue sigil question

    What are considered to be the best choices for pvp rogue sigil? i see what appear to be some pve essences within some of the top rogue builds.

    trying to determine what is best. have 1092 valor,...
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    + to hit question

    Can someone shed light on +to hit runes etc. do they affect to hit or miss when pvping? was told to get 125 to hit on pvp gear and you will not miss or be dodged or parried.

    any help or...
  8. Question about artifact collecting please advise

    Am wondering if there is anything useable as one levels that you get from completing an artifact set, or even once your 50. I see many are being sold on AH. is it just a fun / i have done more than...
  9. Need help understanding PVP kills and credit please?

    Ok 2 questions
    1. Guild has guild quest Let the heratics burn need to kill 50 defiant of lvl 10 or higher. I have been in scarlet gorge now from level 28-30 and have killed at least 12/15...
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    crafting profession help needed

    Chose apothecary, outfitting and artificer on my toon since i have friends supplying mats. did quest for apothecary to turn in the 4 rotting canines and 4 grieveblossom petals no problem, went to...
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