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    6 GB RAM @ 16xx MHz Intel i7 CPU @ 2.93 GHz,...

    6 GB RAM @ 16xx MHz

    Intel i7 CPU @ 2.93 GHz, Quad Core

    HD Radeon 5850 @ 1 GB Memory

    I'm a tad disapointed I can't max the sheet out and get desirable FPS everywhere. I play with a little...
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    You need to "bind" a Credit Card to your paypal account, thus It's not usable either.

    I've said time and time again that he cannot get a Gamecard/Timecard because they're sold out.

  3. You mean a Game Card? (Not sure which is the...

    You mean a Game Card? (Not sure which is the correct term, but I think we're refering to the same thing)

    He cannot buy a Game Card because they're sold out in all local stores here in Sweden,...
  4. Bought the Game, but need to pay for 30 free(?) days

    Hello, TRION.
    I am here on the behalf of my friend. We played in the BETA together. Unfortunately he did not have enough money to buy RIFT during the headstart, but had to wait until the release in...
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    The Soul System

    What's really interesting about the Soul System is that you can tinker your own build, the one which you personally prefer. Now there will always be Cookie-Cutter builds, builds that people use and...
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    Use him solo!

    I tried Ranger for a while and that being the case, of course I used the Blood Raptor aswell :)

    He's a DPS pet, kind of an upgraded, boosted version of the Wolf. This being the case, he will deal...
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    Possible "semi-fix"

    I'm not a really good programmer or anything, but knowing the basics and seeing how the "blinks" works, I can imagine the problem is that you will find yourself at the exact same position as your...
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    Yes. It is useful, Well, at least as a level 34 Rogue I can find use for it. I almost kill an equal level mob with Dancing Steel alone. I bring him down to 10-30% depending on crits and poison proccs...
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    I agree

    This is indeed a good Head Start. Sure, I got some MONSTROUS delay at times while playing yesterday (like, 5-15 sec delay. Trying to use my racial Leap was LITERALLY a delay of time because I ended...
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