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    Also, if you're in a guild and he's not, he won't...

    Also, if you're in a guild and he's not, he won't get the guild perks as you would. Patron is paying to play the game. You get benefits for being a patron player.
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    *inserts HUGE, DEEP breath and let's it out slow like* Ahhh, much better.
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    Posts are being deleted to avoid confrontation...

    Posts are being deleted to avoid confrontation and "stirring the pot" some more. This is a huge loss cause I've enjoyed his video guides. Very thorough and helpful.

    However, I have watched the...
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    There is a cap limit on them

    I learned about 2 weeks ago they put a cap on the limit each toon can have stored up. 50 is the limit. So if you have that on a toon, you need to use them. Check your bags to see if you have the cap...
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    What's the purpose for trainers now when you don't need them?

    I was shocked to see trainers still being part of the advertisement when they are no longer needed. You can train anywhere as long as you're not in combat. This is useless part of being patron now. I...
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    And for little eyes roaming around the house,...

    And for little eyes roaming around the house, such as I have.
  7. Rex give away contest

    Caitness on Greybriar
  8. What seemed to work was getting on one of my...

    What seemed to work was getting on one of my characters on a different shard, stay on them for a minute, then switching over to the character on Laethys.

    I am on the lowest settings possible,...
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    What they want us to do for so little drops is unfair

    I feel like a kid again... with 2 older bro's saying if you do their dirty work, you get 1 stick of gum while they got to continue playing or whatever it was they were doing. Well, it sucks!!

  10. Can't even get on my toon on Laethys.

    Anyone else having this issue? Start game as Admin, go to Laethys, click on your toon to enter game, get to 79% loading, game crashes, send report and restart game, 79%, game crashes again. So much...
  11. Not just raids, dungeons as well

    In Nightmare Coast dungeon, in the last fight, I go from 17 fps down to 3 fps when the ads spawn and back up to 14 fps when the ad is dead. I can't even see where the edge of the storm is when I'm...
  12. Remove the mote needed for the planar lure recipe

    Why not just remove the mote from the recipe entirely? Then we don't have worry losing a mote.

    And I agree, the crifts get boring and getting smoochers who don't provide a lure, sucks. There are...
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    LOVE, LOVE this addon!

    You can re-keybind it back to that letter if you cannot find it. Or, look on the small user bar where you can send bug reports, to join Chronicles and the such. (To rebind keys, hit Esc, Keybind and...
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    This is why we don't have nice stuffs :/

    It's when folks post stuff like this to attract the dev's attention and takes away stuff from the community.
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    yes, but it costs credits (unsure of amount)

    I'm always nervous about switching servers. Sometimes I'll ask my new guild leader or recruiter several times to make sure I am going to the right server. Yes, you can, but it costs credits. I'm not...
  16. Go back to the way it was, or increase the drops or take it out entirely

    This is so stupid! Have to have a mote (avg costs is 65+plats) just to craft a lure and the chances of a mote dropping so small, especially for the time limit on it, it's ridiculous!

    Did an hour...
  17. [Deepwood] Still looking for more raiders?

    Hi. I'm looking for a guild who raids earlier in the day than my current guild and your times are perfect for what I'm looking for. I'm a 1250 mage (Chon, dps and have Chloro, but hasn't really raid...
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    Wouldn't be a "true" Trion event tradition if it worked the way it's supposed to the first day! Or the first week. What should you expect? I have come to this conclusion to not expect it them to work...
  19. I don't see any new chat going on in my guild...

    I don't see any new chat going on in my guild with the app but can still do the mini games... which really defeats the purpose of having it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the mini games for the extra...
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    I get that you want us to do this content, it...

    I get that you want us to do this content, it sucks when you have leechers coming far and wide who do not provide a lure but will reep in the rewards. How is this fair to those of us who took the...
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    This has been asked, demanded and pleaded for as...

    This has been asked, demanded and pleaded for as long as I can remember! Even trying to make recipes account bound after purchased on one toon to send to another. I don't see this happening at all....
  22. Same here!

    Caitness@Greybriar was stuck too, yesterday (Haven't tried yet today). Had to get on live chat twice to get help to be relocated. I was able to log into my other 3 characters just fine (all guardian,...
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    And where would i find my shard ID? Thank you!...

    And where would i find my shard ID? Thank you! (Please keep it simple, I'm not very tech-y-like.)
  24. Yo-yo effect

    When I first started to play Rift, it would 1-2 weeks before getting a response. I was F2P at that time. Then I got patron. No issues, but then when I would, it would still take a LOT of updating my...
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    There are things you can get that goes with the...

    There are things you can get that goes with the time of day of the light/darkness of it. So if you wanted it dark, go with like 10 pm and the other side of the dim, 2 pm. They're very cheap on AH and...
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