Greetings! Whenever we picked up your ticket numbers to check the progress, we noticed that very often they’re being sent to the wrong queue. In order to avoid that to shorten your waiting times on tickets, we created this little guide for you.

Customer Support:

1) First, make sure you are logged in with the account you want to get your issue solved with when submitting a ticket through our website. Should you not have access to your account at all, you can also send a request through

Keep in mind that some providers have issues receiving our mails (e.g. german providers, such as or

2) After that, click on “Submit A Request” on the right. This is the request form for Glyph Accounts.

You will see that the form will look like this. It is important to completely fill it out and include all relevant information in your initial request so that our team can take care of your request as fast as possible.

3) Please also make sure that you select “RIFT” as your game you have an issue with, otherwise it will not be put in the correct queue and thus massively increase the time it takes to respond.

Only select “Glyph” as your game for account specific issues, such as updating your email address, removing the mobile authenticator, unable to log in to Glyph and similar general issues.

In any case, "RIFT" should always be your preferred pick.

4) Next, let’s elaborate a little on the type of issues you can select from:
  • Account Issues: Select this option for account related issues such as lost access, account recovery, and similar.
  • Payment Problem: Select this option if you’re having issues making a real money purchase such as your card being declined or your payment method not being accepted, and similar.
  • GM Services: Some games offer special services called “GM Services”, however this does not concern us here on RIFT.
  • In Game Issues: Select this option for specific technical issues, such as being unable to see your character, being stuck in the character login screen, lost items, quest issues, issues connecting/launching/patching the actual game or glyph client, and similar.
  • Report A Player: Select this option if you want to report a player for any violation of our ToS, and if you can provide visible proof of said violation.
  • Account Deletion: Select this option if you want to have your account deleted. Keep in mind we respond to confirm prior to deleting.

Once you have filled the above mentioned accordingly, remember to put your 5) character name, 6) server, and if necessary 7) platform.

8) Subject should contain a brief description of your issue. If it is a common issue this field can be used to quickly identify it and get the ticket expedited. So, for example if you are having an issue with a specific quest, you would want to include that quest name here as well. This applies when sending in a ticket through, too.

9) Description should be the largest section of your ticket and will contain all detailed information about your issue. Just to make sure that we do not need to collect more information, you should try and include as much relevant information as you can in this section. Even if you put certain details in the subject or in other fields, it is good to also repeat them here. We have included some typical information that would be good below:
  • Character/Account names
  • Platform/Region/Server
  • Item/Quest/Achievement/Product/etc., exact names
  • Exact issue you are experiencing and what you expected to occur
  • Time frame the issue occurred
  • Any other relevant information to the issue at hand

This applies when sending in a ticket through, too.

10) Attachments should in best case be already included. If you are experiencing a technical issue you can attach a DXDIAG report here or if you have any screenshots of the issue this is a perfect place for them and can be very helpful! You can also attach files to emails. You can learn how to create a DXDIAG report here if you do not know how to.

All there is left to do now is hit the “Submit” button!

Good to know: Many issues have a “FAQ” already created for them, so be sure to scroll down and check them out too, it could save you time!

Should you still have any question left, do not hesitate to approach any of the CM here!