Dear Trion,

This pvp is good atm but players still dont join warfronts.. most population keep play pve contents, avoiding pvp.

Warfronts need few changes to incentivate players join them:

1 - chest rewards: put something good like lessers with higt 3rd stat (cp/ap/sp) like storm legion, mounts and better gears.. still drop stuff 6hit from normal dung.

2- tokens rewards: atm you will gain only 1 chest from daily pvp.. add something like void stone, raid marks. (300, 10 for example)

3- money: raise money gained from random wfs and a bit from player kills.

Let players who like pvp join wfs 15 vs 15 or atleast 10 vs 10 ^^'

I would be most grateful if you could look into this matter as soon as possible.

Best regards