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Thread: Prime Warfronts need some attention, please!

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    Default Prime Warfronts need some attention, please!

    Ever since the patch this past week, warfronts at level 50 are back to the point where no one dies. Nearly every warfront is unbalanced in team size (usually starting off as a 2v5 or 3v5 match), giving the team with more players a pretty huge advantage.

    I've seen several warfronts with zero kills on either team, and perhaps a death due to ticking damage from holding an objective. It feels like every player in the wf is a test dummy. Just sit and parse without ever actually killing anything.

    It's also been incredibly disappointing at the overall lack of incentive for people to even bother to pvp, and numbers of players are noticeably down from even a few weeks ago. There are no meaningful rewards to pvp.
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    prime pvp is as unbalanced as live, with less skills.abilities (planar harmo) and with player that play heal or tank all day and they seems to like this state of pvp so you had better come back to live where some new people joined (at least in eu). you may have a hard time if you play cleric but it feels more alive ( for pvp)
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    i bet with last patch issues they had ro use a backup which dated pre pvp changes. just a feeling i got

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    Yeah that was it for me. Uninstalled the game this weekend. I hope for the remaining pvp playerbase that things will go well one day but I can’t bear it anymore.
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    Yup i just canceled my sub also, what a big let down getting our hopes up for nothing. Guess im going back to live. Least with live pvp is more active now by a little bit.
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