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Thread: Holy crap do something to fix healing in PVP.

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    Default Holy crap do something to fix healing in PVP.

    As much as I used to love PVP way back in the day I will not sub another month if this is what PVP is going to be. 4 people beating on one person while he jumps around and heals forever. Any mongoloid with a pulse can heal in this game.

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    It depends on the BG, it is not in all that way.
    This is because not all is played with the lvl 50 stats.
    In some you already get a look at the higher lvl.

    Well, if you do not have any work, make yourself some.

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    Learn to dispell buffs from FKs, and debilitate people. Of course there is room for improvement but I think some people just want THEIR build to work on everyone and that should not be the case.

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