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Thread: Removing bolstering in 50 pvp is a great start, but....

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    Default Removing bolstering in 50 pvp is a great start, but....

    As we've all still seen and i already knew - it's the healing to damage amount that is definitely the problem - not bolstering.

    Bolstering didn't help but it more compounded the problem, than it was the problem.

    2 - 3 healers a side and barely anything gets done still - maybe a squishy DPS off to the side will go down every now and then, but the healers and majority group are god mode still.

    Unless running premade teams with mini raid comps (healer, support - buffs/debuffs/healing reduction etc and dps) which we've been trying but that isn't fun to have to sort out, when you just want to jump in pvp and have some fun. Even then it's still god-mode half the match. Also that kind of gameplay is generally more reserved for a ranked style/level of pvp.

    I mention the obvious (if you guys have been following the end game pvp after the bolstering hit, you probably know all this already) because i'm kinda hoping against hope that something a little more happens without having to wait another whole week of broken, annoying, fruitless rotation practice that is the majority of end game pvp still. I also get balancing it safely - by small increments, but when each increment can only be done weekly, those tiny increments are very painful.

    My suggestions of a warfront wide debuff reducing healing from each extra source (diminishing returns), a healing debuff on the healers themselves and/or a healing debuff when they are away from the majority of the group (no more 1v1 or even 1v3 healer solo god mode holding down side objectives until backup can arrive, and disrupting all attempts at engaging with any of the other pvp gameplay, other than zerg v zerg in general) i think would be interesting because it nerfs heal stacking, healer god mode and solo healer god mode, without nerfing base healing itself, especially in team play.

    It also accounts for the uneven healer numbers deciding some matches, is hard to exploit (only promoting team gameplay to avoid penalties/debuffs) and imo would get the job done.

    P.S Thank you for jumping on another OP gameplay disrupting skill so fast. Faith slowly but surely restored.
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