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Thread: Escalation: Whitefall Steppes - Bug or intended?

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    Default Escalation: Whitefall Steppes - Bug or intended?


    I am curious if it is a bug or intended that once the first stone is picked up a team can just hold the stone and not have to place it. This allows the team holding the flag to just farm kills on the weaker team. Anyone on the weaker team has no choice at all accept stay for god knows how long and be farmed having no fun doing nothing constructive or leave and take a hit for leaving and be timed out from warfronts for 15 minutes. Either way, they are being penalized for by the system through no choice of their own. I have been on both side of this situation so far and it seems it would not be intended.

    In my opinion, there should be a timer or maybe a bleed that is put on the holder or the whole team. In turn, forcing them to get it to the base and placed within a certain time or suffer more damage. That way if they decide to hold on to it, then they eventually will be overtaken or the stone will be returned or the team is stunned or slowed or something like that. It will stop people from being penalized for a poor system.

    Just my take on this particular bg.
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    Almost all of the warfronts have this type of......interaction.

    You don't have to pick up the fang in garden. Nor turn in orbs on stockpile. You don't have to cap points on codex. It's been a while (And I mean years) since I played regularly, but this has been a "Thing" and pointed out dozens, if not hundreds upon thousands of times in the few years I played, and I can't imagine how many times since I left near on five years ago.

    I remember playing some seriously brutal karthan ridge warfronts where no one did any capping, just farmed the other team. Whitefall may be one of, if not, the worst offenders, but at the same time, it isn't the only one offending in this manner.

    I doubt that it's, entirely, working as intended, but neither can I imagine, at any point in time, that the developers will ever do anything to fix it unless a group manages to raise quite the fuss over it. It's been a problem since before Conquest was a problem, and that, is saying something.

    PvP in this game has, in my experience, been something that the developers don't partake in, nor really, pay much attention to (IE there are mesh holes in codex that have been in there since I started playing in 2012 sometime, that are still there today, or the fact that I crash half a dozen times on Codex, and only on Codex, and it doesn't matter what settings/addons I have turned off/down/disabled).
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    Whitefall is fine as it is.. no modification required... there is another reason that a team is holding the first stone rather than turn it in... that is if they turn it in then either they have to split up their team to try and defend that stone or risk having it stolen by your team. There really is no reason to change the mechanics and place a "burn down" on the carrier like there is in Black Garden.. Additional stones eventually will spawn even if one team holds the stone until carrier is killed, the carrier elects to turn it in at their base or the clock runs down. Besides that it is not hard to kill a carrier... I've held the stone in whitefall and been focused down and forced to drop it on numerous occasions... You simply have to change up your strategies if you think you are being farmed. Stop lemming into the attackers, Whitefall has 3 exits from a base... an enemy team isn't likely to be able to cover all 3 exits adequately to stop people from pushing out of a camp. You can outflank the enemy team and hit them from front and behind.. that usually breaks up their farm fest .

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