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Thread: Bug or working fine

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    Default Bug or working fine

    Ok so unsure if this is a bug or what but atm 3 premade groups in wf are able to join the same side and are put to fight random groups not once but all the time is this working properly ?

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    I wouldn't really call that situation "pre-mades". It's two or three people that grouped together joining the warfront queue as a team. In such case the mechanics seem to be working just fine I've seen such a few times playing warfronts and it seems to be completely random which side those teams are placed on.. what I mean is one warfront my PUG group was up against 3 separate "teams" and next warfront the "teams" were split ... some on each side. A true "pre-made" is an entire raid sized team running the queue.. yes that can happen and does in standard Rift from time to time still.

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