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    Quote Originally Posted by CM Morgana View Post

    * Gifts have been restored for Mystic Archers, Saboteurs & Runeshapers!


    * Elemental Barrage has had its damage greatly reduced.

    Well you did restore Soul Gifts, but Elemental Barrage is still disabled. What is going on with this skill??

    *edit - about 5 minutes after the server came up it was enabled, guess some weird delay there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Livandria View Post
    Alright cool, thanks for the clarification, so then I somewhat disagree with the nerf if you're being accurate that they were pulling fair numbers. I will say that their damage in WF's is a little intense, from what I've experienced, if a Defiler wants you dead and it's an open area, you have a fairly rough time stopping them.
    If a defiler want's you dead you're still probably going to die. The problem was not Aggressive Avarice. In fact, it will slow dps down a little in pve but not pvp. Not for people who actually know how to play defiler. The only thing this nerf did was nerf pve.

    Not sure who made the call but it was a dumb call in the wrong direction focusing on the wrong skill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by All or Nothing View Post
    Agree with you 100%
    Just people who don't play endgame saying random stuff they hear instead of testing it. But ye hybrid sab spec are not meh and full sab ST is king from now on. Just done acouple of dummy tests and ye.. Sab ST is silly now.

    This is disappointing as sab is the one spec i really am sick of and do not want to play again in end game. I lived through the 2011 Vanilla sab OPness i really do not want to do that all again.

    I wish either a true melee or even a MM/Ranger main would get buffed into being good.
    Imo they just need to make sab the AOE spec for fights that require a ton of aoe. I know some people like sab but sab misses on the flavor of both people looking for ranged archer styles and people looking for rogue melee flavor. It really sucks two of the most popular MMO class fantasies are not viable at all instead we are bomber boys.

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