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    Default RIFT 4.5 Hotfix #1 7/12/2018

    RIFT 4.5: Hotfix #1 7/12/2018
    Due to the extended downtimes that occurred yesterday and today, we are extending bonus XP through the end of Sunday, July 15, 2018. Thanks for your patience, Ascended!

    • The following achievement categories have been unhidden on Prime: Ember Isle, Grim remembrance, Chronicles, and Ceremony of Attunement.
    • The Ceremony of Attunement, which was previously postponed due to Yrlwalach induced rain, has been rescheduled. Come and join the celebration where absolutely, positively nothing will go awry.
    • Grim Remembrance
      • The quest “Tools of Destruction” has been removed from the achievement requirements for “Grim Tasks”.
      • The event merchant has improved their organization of wares.
      • Clicking on the Achievements button in the World Event UI now takes you directly to the Grim Remembrance achievement section.
    • Summerfest
      • The new Island Cove dimension is now properly flagged as a rest area.
    Known Issues
    • The Achievement for Cadeceus Rise is still hidden on Prime. We will fix this in an upcoming hotfix.
    • The chronicle UI shows you’re not eligible to enter if you’re level 50 and mentored down. We will fix this in an upcoming hotfix as well.
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