• Fixed an issue allowing you to use extended bank vaults even though they were invisible. In accordance with this, YOU GET A VAULT. AND YOU GET A VAULT. AND YOU GET A VAULT! (Vault 1’s extended storage is now available for everybody).
  • The rate of Expert gear tokens is temporarily doubled!
  • Items
    • The rate of Raid gear tokens is temporarily increased by 50%!
    • Raid currency now always drops on a personal loot roll whether or not player receives a piece of gear on that roll.
  • Greenscale’s Blight
    • Hylas has instituted a new open door policy on Greenscale’s Blight and allows the Ascended to walk right into the open front door to get murdered by a tree.
    • The odds of getting a relic quality drop from Greenscale has been doubled.
    • The chances of chase item drops from Greenscale has been greatly increased.