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    Default RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #14 5/23/2018

    RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #14 5/23/2018



    Hello all!

    Last week’s soul changes gave us a solid base to continue working from. You’re happier in general, and so are we. It’s great seeing more callings and souls being played all across the game.

    We look forward to continuing this work to make sure you have even more options for play.
    As a side effect of last week’s global difficulty balancer change on Prime, select abilities of some Drowned Halls, Gilded Prophecy, and Charmers Caldera Expert bosses were doing more damage than expected. Ouch! We’ve reeled them back to something a little more sane.


    The experience required per level from 30-49 has been reduced. We have applied smaller reductions in the lower end of that range, progressing to larger reductions at the high end. If you’re in this level range right now, all of your previous effort will be taken into account -- You may notice you’re a bit closer to reaching 50 then you were before the update!

    NOTE: If your XP bar appears empty, it means you gained a level during the update's XP adjustment! Your quest today is to go gain 1 XP to make it reappear. Good luck!

    We still do want there to be space in the 1-50 progression for rifts, events, dungeons, PvP, and more activities than solely questing for experience, without appearing as if the intent is to encourage repeated grinding.

    We look forward to hearing what you think!

    Reduced the cost of Role Slots 6-9 to 100 Platinum. Role on!

    • Fixed an issue that made disabling the tooltip anchor not actually disable ability tooltips.
    • Fixed an issue that when joining a guild, if already inside that guild’s dimension you would not be able to see their item list.

    • Greenscale’s Blight: Additional Mage items have been added to Greenscale’s Blight loot tables, primarily tank gear.
    • Drowned Halls: Armor pieces from the Drowned Halls raid sliver now use Synergy Crystal set bonuses. If you’re wearing some, check out your gear when you log in.* We look forward to the upcoming run on Synergy Crystals – have a blast!


    Fixed an issue with the prime balance modifier that caused damage in PvP to be less than it was prior to last week’s update. *We all appreciate faster-paced PvP with more action too!



    • Septic Wounds now also causes Dire Blow and Desecrating Blow to have a 35% chance, per Attack Point consumed, to refresh all of your active Reaver damage over time effects on the enemy. [Edit: corrected to 35% ~Brasse]
    • Shadow of Dread now also applies a debuff to the enemy for 15s, causing the enemy to take damage equal to 6% of the caster’s attack power each time the caster applies a Reaver DoT to the enemy. The debuff is applied before the DoT effects from Shadow of Dread and is also triggered by DoT refreshes from Septic Wounds.

    • Updated the description for the Light’s Favor talent to remove reference to Light’s Rapture.

    • Fixed an issue with the debuff tooltip for Precise Strikes. It now correctly shows the amount of damage increase it gives.
    • One Two Punch now also increases the Attack Power and Weapon Damage contribution of non-Follow Up Builders by 5%.
    • Updated Precision Strikes to, “Increases the damage of Swift Strike and Setting Moon by 10/20%. Hitting with Swift Strike or Setting Moon applies Precision Strike to the enemy, increasing damage from your finishers and channeled abilities by 10/20% for 6s.” Note: the tooltip needs to be updated, but the ability works correctly!


    • Fixed an issue preventing multiple Mages from having Lingering Torment, from Legendary Neddra’s Grasp, active on an enemy at the same time.

    • Tempest Winds no longer requires a Blade buff.
    • Updated Lightning Charge to provide the same damage proc from Slashing attacks as Lightning Blade.
    • New Ability: Luminous Blessing – This is a copy of the Luminous Weapon ability, but does not transform the caster’s weapon. It is gained at the same time you gain Luminous Weapon.
    • New Ability: Reaper’s Essence – This is a copy of the Reaper’s Blade ability, but does not transform the caster’s weapon. It is gained when you gain Reaper’s Blade. There is also a Legendary version of this ability that is gained whenever Legendary Reaper’s Blade is selected.

    Mystic Archer
    • Fixed an issue preventing Arcane Summoning from working correctly when multiple Mages with the talent are attacking the same target. This talent should now work independently for each Mage.
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