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    Default RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #7 4/18/2018

    RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #7 4/18/2018



    * Darkening Deeps Expert: Released!


    Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls, our first 10-man Slivers. Released!

    Ascended, these challenging slivers are now open and ready to be conquered by your hand! Rally your forces and let fly! Best of all, both Drowned Halls and Gilded Prophecy are available through the Looking for Raid (LFR) system on Prime!

    * Entering a sliver via LFR will not trigger a raid lockout.

    * Loot in both slivers will utilize Individual Reward Charges, plus a chance at additional special cosmetic items dropped by bosses. The whisper on the winds tells us that some new costume sets are available through slivers!

    Additional PRIME: Vigil notes

    * The drop rate of mounts from PvP chests has been reduced. Sorry, the stables overrunneth and nobody wanted poop-shoveling duty!

    * Bosses in Expert Dungeons now have a chance to drop weapon skin wardrobe caches!


    * The Ironpine Peaks quest “Dabbling in the Forbidden” is now available at level 35.

    * Fixed the issue where players running in factionally mixed groups were unable to complete Damming the Stream. All we are saying, is give peace a chance... sing it now!

    * Fixed an issue with weekly sliver and raid quests being available before their respective content is live. We have learned to put the cart BEHIND the horse.

    * Fixed an issue that caused the daily calendar to not show the proper rewards gained, in certain cases.

    * Fixed an issue causing the ignore system to not work. That would be a tragic issue indeed. We all love peace in our time.


    * Blighted Riftstalker Crystal – The four piece set bonus has been changed due to the removal of the cooldown of Rift Disturbance. Now increases the damage of Rift Disturbance by 50.

    * Blighted Saboteur Crystal – The four piece set bonus has been changed due to the abilities it was affecting no longer exist. Now increases the damage of Satchel Charge by 25.


    * The button to directly open the crafting merchant for sub-component purchases has returned!

    * Heroic Brightsurge Vial is no longer sold for Artisan Marks. It is a random drop in Expert Iron Tomb.


    * Adjusted damage taken such that people don't explode quite as rapidly in all Warfronts.

    * Changed the text in The Codex and Blighted Antechamber ‘Assault’ objectives to ‘Capture’ objective for clarification.

    Port Scion:

    * Disabled old legacy Port Scion achievements from triggering on Prime.

    * Fixed an issue blocking quests from spawning within Port Scion on Prime.

    RIFT ON!
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    Note: Removed the below patch note until similar can be implemented in a future hotfix:

    * Entering a sliver through LFR as a pre-made 10-player party will trigger a raid lockout, as would manually entering the zone. Raid progress will be saved via lockout.
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