Greetings, RIFT players. Previously, we had messaged out a notice that we were implementing a database script to reset Shard Firsts on RIFT Prime for the Drowned Halls and Gilded Prophecy raids. This was in an effort to even the playing field due to the fact that when the Vigil server was first turned on, there were issues with LFR causing players to be unable to enter the raids, so only pre-mades could get in, plus the portals not being active as they should have. Due to an unforeseen error, this change did not go into effect until this morning (NA) 4/25 instead. If you had already received any Shard Firsts, it will still show up on your character. However, the RIFT Prime database will only show the ones that happened as of when the servers came back online today, April 25, 2018. We apologize for the inconvenience.