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Thread: <Chaos Rising> Recruiting on Vigil

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    Default <Chaos Rising> Recruiting on Vigil

    “Greetings ascended!”

    Chaos Rising is recruiting and active on Vigil! We are a mature and easy going group that is most active in the window of 4-9 server time. We run normals, experts, crifts, GP 4/4 DH 4/4 and GSB 4/5 together. Raids typically form up at 615 server. Starting at level 50, we uniquely offer warfront queueing most nights too! We are active in Ts3 but also have a discord channel. Reach out to Nexfor, Avina or Yehti in game for questions or invites!

    “May you live a thousand years!” ...or not, it’s your prerogative : P
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