Dawn of Terror is one of Rift's oldest guilds. We started on live at the release, founded by three good friends who had been gaming together for over a decade. Since then, we have never taken a break from Rift. We built a guild that has been described as a "raiding guild with a family feel" or a "family guild that raids." We have beaten every boss in Rift, spent countless hours doing PVP and PVE activities over the years, and had lots of fun doing it. We generally recruit older players who have played MMOs before - Rift experience is not required. We try to run ourselves like a successful old school MUD, EQ, or WoW guild where we enjoy beating the game together.

We have a small chapter in Prime and still a beat everything crew on live. If you want to play both live and prime, we are likely the guild for you. If you want to play just Prime, we are currently farming tens and preparing to move into 20s soon, likely partnering with another guild in that endeavor.

If you are interested in joining, please whisper/mail Sutra on Prime or Sutra@faeblight. We have a website, teamspeak, and a guild discord.