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Thread: Looking for people to play with on Prime!

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    Default Looking for people to play with on Prime!

    Hey guys & gals.

    Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to level together. I played way back at release and was Main Tank for a guild called Legendary. The game has changed and that's okay, Plan to return to my tanking ways if you want to play together just DM me here and I will add you when I get home.

    Probably a perfect time to get in since I see the 3rd char slot addition people will be leveling alts.

    Happy Hunting!

    Guild Invites also welcome!

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    Did you find anyone yet? I joined a guild on one of my guys, but there's so many people on it seems nobody ever answers anyone's questions or does anything together. I'd like to join a smaller guild that does things together. If you found something please let me know.

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    Add me in game. Sudgirl.

    I play at weird hours tho, usually 11pm - 4 am EST

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