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Thread: <Midgard> Scandinavian guild

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    Default <Midgard> Scandinavian guild


    Scandinavian guild only

    Midgard is a guild formed by Rift veterans that started playing at launch back in 2011, and kept on playing until a couple of years ago. Our main language is Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. We are mostly Norwegian and Swedish people with a tiny group of Danish people. We use discord as coms, and would warmly welcome you to come have a chat with us.

    Expectations from you as a raider?
    • Meet prepared with gear fully runed, consumables with you, food buffs will be provided by guild.
    • Know your class. Play the spec you are most usefull for the rest of the raid playing. And know how to play it. Some bosses will be a DPS check.
    • Stay patient and positive, wiping will occure while progressing.
    • Meet up in time. Always log on at least 10 minutes before the raid starts, and be sure you can stay for the full run.

    Classes needed

    Cleric - HIGH
    Mage - LOW
    Rogue - MEDIUM
    Warrior - HIGH

    Raid times?

    Raid times will be set after a talk with all the raiders when the roster is full.
    We need to take into consideration what days the majority will be able and can stay for a full 3-4 hours.

    How to contact us?

    Ingame, contact Zephina, Inzu/Pokeh, Voosji or Viisj/Onkl for a chat
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