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Thread: <Eyes of Eternity>

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    Default <Eyes of Eternity>

    <Eyes of Eternity>
    Eyes of Eternity is raid-focused guild looking to top off it’s 20-man roster. The guild is primarily formed by European players coming together from different EU live-server guilds as well as returning players that wish to experience old raids.

    We currently have two man rosters with the following times:

    Sunday, Monday and Wednesday; from 7.30PM to 10.30PM (GTM+1)
    Tuesday and Thursday; from 7.00PM to 10.30PM (GTM+1)

    • Positive Attitude: The going will get tough sometimes, so we want good minded fun people to be around.
    • Performance: There will be 19+ other people counting on you so be ready to bring your A game. So be well versed in your class/role/spec and then execute in raid.
    • Preparedness: Gear should be fully runed. You are required to bring your own consumables (that includes spellstones/whetstones, pots, vials and insoles). Feasts before pulls will be provided however if you require a different food kind (e.g. tanks requiring endurance food or w/e) you are responsible for your own food.
    • Attendance: High attendance rate will be crucial for guild progression. (80% +)
    • Punctuality: Log on at least 5 minutes prior to raid start in order to be ready to pull on time.
    • Communication: English is the main language spoken in the guild, every member is expected to at least understand it as well as be on discord while raiding.
    Recruitment needs
    Above all, exceptional players *regardless of class*. Even if you do not have much past raiding experience, we are more than willing to take those who have skills and ambition to push content.

    In terms of specific classes/roles we are currently looking for, the list goes as follows:

    Cleric -HIGH-
    Warrior -HIGH-
    Mage -MEDIUM-
    Rogue -LOW-

    High need on a main BeastMaster

    How to contact us
    Have any questions or want to apply? The best ways to contact us are the following:
    • Answer this thread
    • Apply in game through the guild finder
    • Contact us directly on our guild’s Discord (https://discord.gg/XZPbXwT)
    • Message one of the following people in game(or discord):
      1. Kreezhem / (Kreezhem#0728)
      2. FlyingMinivan / (FlyingMinivan#2458)
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    <Eyes of Eternity>: EU PVE guild is now recruiting.

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