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    <One Point Twenty-One Gigawatts> Looking for people who like to have fun!
    We're a laid-back, Defiant guild, who reluctantly accepts Guardians! Were located on the Vigil server. We utilize our Defiant technology to save all the Telarian ale from the evil clutches of Regulos. Sometimes this means closing rifts, helping out the locals, or smacking down some Guardians. They try to take our beer sometimes as well. Although PvE content (Raiding) will be the prize winning brew, we like to experience all aspects of the game.

    Join our guild and have access to such Discord topics of "Have you ever seen anything like this?" or "How to ground yourself from random rift electromagnetic discharges!" and "It's Bahmi in the summer so don't freeze your Eth off."

    On a more serious note, a horse walks into a bar and several people leave because they can see the potential danger in the situation. Oh, and we're probably not a kid friendly type guild. Though we're not "sailor-mouths" we don't want to make a conscious effort to watch what we say.

    One Point Twenty-One Gigawatts:

    What does it mean? Well I'm glad you've asked.

    Many of us are familiar with the stories, folklore and wives tales passed down about a crazy wild-eyed Eth scientist and his qwirky Kelarian side kick who traveled through time. As the story tells, it takes 1.21 Gigawatts of power to transport someone through time. It's true! 1.21 Gigawatts is a precise measurement however. More power than that, and you will be ripped to shreds. Kind of like that tasty shredded cheese they put on the Bahmian spicy burritos over at King's Retreat. Those folks know how to make a burrito. The Meridian fellas try to make 'em, but they're not quite the same. I bet it's a secret ingredient, of which I don't want to know. I'd hate to ruin a good thing. Back to the story. Not enough power, and you get stuck in an inter-dimensional waiting room for eternity. I'm not sure exactly what goes on there, but I imagine it's probably worse than waiting in line at the DMT (Division of Mounted Transportation). Wow, do those guys ever smile? You'd think they just washed up on shore of Kelari Refuge, or hung out with a Guardian all day.

    That whole 88 mph thing? Well that's just an embellishment developed over time to keep the story entertaining for the kids these days. Ugh..with all this new technology, They're just spoiled and have to constantly be entertained. Whatever happened to the days of lighting a bag of razorback poo on fire and leaving it on a Guardian's door step.

    We do plan on raiding, considering a Thursday, Drunkin Friday, and Monday Schedule. All of us so far are working parents, and though we like our Rift, we can't possibly spend several hours a night playing. We also have an active Discord! At this point, we're just casually making our way to 50, having fun along the way with the stories, pvp warfronts, crafting, instancing and rifting. I suspect our raiding schedule will turn out to be Thursday/Friday/Monday. Nothing for weekends. Something like 6pm to 9pm Server. So if you're still interested at this point, leave your religion, politics, seriousness, bad vibes and morals at the door. (As well as the $5.00 cover charge) and come on in for some Defiant and Guardian MMO shenanigans.

    For more info please send tells to: Punky, Noxi, or Mythbusting
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