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Thread: <JUICE>[NA] Recruiting for semi-hardcore raiding! Tue/Fri/Sun 8:30 CST

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    Default <JUICE>[NA] Recruiting for semi-hardcore raiding! Tue/Fri/Sun 8:30 CST

    Join Us In Creating Evil

    https://discord.gg/rQSr6 - Discord link! Stop by and chat with us if you're interested in a spot with us!

    JUICE was founded by 3 like-minded raid-centric players with 15+ years of raiding and guild leading experience.

    That said, we are a brand new guild as of yesterday. We are looking for core members who want to raid hard and get **** done. We are not a "hardcore" raiding guild, however we fully expect a 3 night per week raiding schedule to really give us a perfect amount of time to clear all content as it comes out - even allowing for slow 1-2 night per week raids when content is on farm.

    Guild Identity

    As a guild, we want a community to play and flourish with. Our guild identity will be that of a raiding guild with a core social community of no more than 50-70 players. This makes the guild much easier to manage and allows the officer core to really focus in on providing the members of our guild with exactly what they want. We will have a heavy focus on PvE doing experts/raids/etc.

    Our goal is to plow through content at a steady pace on a 3 night per week schedule until content is on farm. While some members will enjoy PvP, crafting, and everything else Rift Prime has to offer, our core guild identity is that of a raiding guild with a tight-knit but very active social spectrum.


    Currently we have a leadership core of 3 people. Myself (Tundyx), Elegance, and Reshi. Our guild will have a strict leadership ebb and flow between us 3 that allows for complete unbiased progression and decisions when it comes to guild issues. Essentially, we have 3 leaders - not just one.

    My responsibility in the guild first and foremost will be raid leading. As a 14 year raid / guild leading veteran, my goal is to develop a real sense of community with the family we recruit in the coming months.

    Elegance is our main recruiting officer. He is in charge of developing relationships with each and every person we look at in an effort to make sure they really mesh with our guild philosophy.

    Reshi, aside from being a secondary recruitment officer, will be the guilds healing officer. During raids he will handle cooldown strategy and be the point man for all healing related questions.

    Expectations and Guild Rules

    The expectations we have for this guild is to complete all raid content in a timely
    manner before the next tier of raids are released. Guild rules will be heavily lax. We are adults and expect you to either be an adult, or conduct yourself like one. We will not tolerate any sort of bigotry, hate, or anything of the sort in guild chat or out in public channels. Aside from that, guildies are free to do as they please.

    Raid Times

    Our raids will start at 8:30 CST (North American) Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday Evenings until 11:30 CST. This will be tailored to the content that is out at the time, but essentially that is our time frame for raiding.


    Recruitment is something we will be taking very seriously. We will not accept every
    person who applies to our guild. We believe that quality over quantity makes for the best guild family. This is not to say that you have to be the greatest player in the world. Quality PEOPLE are what we are after. The recruitment process will change over time, but in the beginning we will ask to run a dungeon or two with you to see if you're a good fit to raid and/or be a social member.

    Like I said in the beginning, we want an active tight-knit small community. This is not a leveling guild for you to log onto and use for perks. Our members will be active, social, and ready to help each other out. This is not doable without us getting to know you before you join, so a short dungeon run or two gives us that opportunity. We hope to get to know a lot of you in the months to come!

    If you're interested in joining up you can contact Tundyx, Elegance, or Reshi in-game OR shoot us a PM on Discord

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    Tundyx - Tundyx#1011
    Elegance - BallOfSunshine#5229
    Reshi - Shrimp#3027
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    Currently full on main role tanks and healers for our 20 man roster - recruiting rogue / mage / cleric DPS! First raid night is this Friday! If you're interested in a permanent dps raid slot make sure you contact us today!

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