<Vinco Bellum> (currently a level 4 guild) originated as a large scale, Defiant, PvP guild in vanilla rift on the Seastone shard and has returned to make their mark on Vigil.

We are looking to pick up all of the PvPers that came back to Rift and were disappointed to find that Vigil was a PvE shard, but wanted to make a comeback regardless, like us.

We have plans of dominating WFs with our 5 man premades, and organizing 5v5, 10v10 and potentially RvR open world skirmishes if the interest is there with competing guilds.

If you are an ambitious individual looking to master your class in the PvP world and want to be a part of the winning team for a change in those pesky WFs, then send a tell to Randisimo, Nextros or Elysian in-game and we would be happy to welcome you aboard. Returning and new players with this mindset are welcome.

PvE, as it is the main focus for most on the shard, will be done at your own discretion within Vinco Bellum. You are free to raid, and run dungeons with whomever you please.

As we are leveling up and progressing our characters to 50 we will be farming dungeons together and farming opponents in WFs to change up the pace and avoid burnout. The guild has players ranging from level 50 to level 3, with the largest chunk around the 25-40 area.

The guild motto is: If it's red, it's dead!
We plan to stay flagged in the open world and will engage in any potential PvP situation that arises.

See you on the battlefield.